Check Out After School’s Nana Transform Into a Cool Detective In the Drama ‘Kill It’

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After School’s Nana Becomes a Mysterious Detective in Kill It!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Im Jin-an, more famously known as After School’s Nana! Not only is she famously recognized as the girl-group member, singer, and model, but Nana also went into acting, which gained a lot of attention ever since! Channel Korea will tell you all you need to know about After School’s Nana, so get ready!

After her debut with After School in November, 2009, Nana also branched out into other entertainment projects, such as modelling and acting. She’s already been involved in a lot of TV shows, TV series, and big-screen movies! Some of her popular appearances in TV series are High Kick!, The Good Life, Justice, Kill It, and many more! This time, we will take a look at Nana through her role as a detective in Kill It! Do you want to know more? Keep reading.

About The Drama Kill It


Kill It told a story about an assassin who was looking for something in his past. The assassin was Kim Soo-hyun (played by Jang Ki-young). Since he was a child, he had amnesia. All he ever remembered about himself was that his father wanted to kill him, and he was found by someone named Pavel, who was an assassin. Pavel raised him and taught him how to be an assassin, himself.

But Pavel died after being injured on a mission, and before he passed he asked Kim Soo-hyun to live a normal life and find out about his family. At the time, Kim Soo-hyun also on a mission, part of the payment for which were some photos that would lead him to a clue to find his family. Kim Soo-hyun did what Pavel asked and went back to South Korea to become a veterinarian.

Meanwhile, there was Do Hyun-jin (played by Nana). She used to be known as a local detective who was also an expert in archery. She was investigating a serial murder case that lead her into an encounter with Kim Soo-hyun. They discovered they were living in the same building and both of them were animal lovers.

Here’s the general information about Kill It:

Title: Kill It

Director: Nam Sung-woo

Writer: Son Hyun-soo & Choi Myung-jin

Episodes: 12

Network: OCN

Genre: Action, Thriller, Mystery, Drama, Crime

Release Date: March 23, 2019

Airing Time: 22:20, every Saturday & Sunday

Drama Cast and Roles

Nana after school

Let’s get to know more about Kill It‘s main cast here:

Jang Ki-young as Kim Soo-hyun

Jang Ki-young

Jang Ki-young was cast as Kim Soo-hyun, a veterinarian who was actually an assassin. He accidentally met Do Hyun-jin, a local detective who lived in the same building that he did. Both of them were also fond of animals.

Jang Ki-young was a good fit for Kim Soo-hyun’s character, since his appearance was as cold-looking Kim Soo-hyun’s aura. His deep gaze also fit with how Kim Soo-hyun’s stared towards his target.

Nana as Do Hyun-jin

Nana after school

Nana was cast as Do Hyun-jin, who was a local detective and animal lover. She met accidentally with Kim Soo-hyun, due to their fondness of animals. At first glance she seemed like an arrogant person, but she actually had a large heart.

Nana also fit in with Do Hyun-jin’s character, her appearance was matched as well as Do Hyun-jin’s appearance.

Story and Plot

Nana after school

The plot in Kill It was mostly filled with puzzles. There’s a lot of untold clues and hints in every scene, and each new one they found led to the next. Just like the encounter between Kim Soo-hyun and Do Hyun-jin. Do Hyun-ji was looking for Kim Soo-hyun due to her boyfriend death’s case.

The main theme of this drama was about the assassin and the detective who were each involved in their occupations. But still, there’s also slight romance in Kill It. As a spoiler, the drama’s ending was a total surprise to the viewers! The ending was about when Kim Soo-hyun, Do Hyun-ji, and their team worked to do a mission. The mission was to save a lot of children who had been kidnapped for use in illegal human organ trafficking.

Kim Soo-hyun shot the suspect behind the childrens’ kidnapping case. But unfortunately, Kim Soo-hyun was shot, himself, in the process. He fell in front of Do Hyun-jin, who was also there, and she rushed to Kim Soo-hyun with the tears streaming down on her face. Kim Soo-hyun closed his eyes while his hand was still holding Do Hyun-jin’s hand.

After all of the cases that Do Hyun-jin had been through, she found a new clue and proof of the illegal human organ trafficking and the murder case. She lived with Seul Gi and Kim Soo-hyun’s puppy, Gray. Even though the ending wasn’t full of romance, it wasn’t a big deal since Kill It wasn’t a romance story inthe first place. There was a feeling of connection between Kim Soo-hyun and Do Hyun-jin, even though they weren’t end up together.

Kill It was highly recommended for you, and you should watch Nana’s performance in her incredible role as Do Hyun-jin!

Behind The Scenes

Nana after school

Behind the scenes of this drama, we could see a lot of moments between the cast and crew, and also about how the show was made.We could see how cheerful Kim Soo-hyun (Jang Ki-young) was, off-camera, since he didn’t seem very cheerful when he was in character.

Jang Ki-young

Mostly, a lot of the crew and cast were having a pleasant time together off-screen during filming. Are you curious about it? Watch some footage from behind the scenes in Kill It here:


Drama Soundtracks

Nana after school kill it

And here are some of Kill It’s official soundtracks to add to your playlist!

Forever Love by Min Kyung-hoon


My Everything by Han Seung-hee


Take Out My Heart by Jung Dong-ha


Drama Ratings and Public Impression Toward The Drama

Nana after school

Now, let’s talk about Kill It‘s ratings and the response the drama received from audiences. Since the first episodes, the series was already catching the public’s attention. Even though the first episodes only reached a 1.1% rating, as the episodes went by, ratings rose rapidly. The best rating was for the fourth episodes, which reached a rating of 2.8%.

The show’s final episode had a rating of 2.5%. Even though Kill It only received an average rating, it still received a lot of praise both for the story and the cast. Both Nana and Jang Ki-young received a lot of compliments. Some netizens thought that Kill It was really attractive, and the chemistry between Nana and Jang Ki-young was pretty well matched.

That was all of the information about After School’s Nana and the details of Kill It. We are  waiting for another upcoming project from Nana, so don’t forget to spread all of the love and support towards After School’s Nana!

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