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Here are E-young’s the top 10 Instagram feeds!

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가은이를 투표해주세요❤❤

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정아언니 결혼 축하해요♡♡

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Latest News

After School has been a popular girl-group from their debut era until their most recent comeback with “First Love”. The group is filled with multi-talented members who always give an amazing performance, and they have a different concept in every comeback stage. After School has been taking a hiatus while each member had their individual projects.

Check out After School’s E-Young’s latest news and recent activities!

On April 28, 2018, Jung Ah, one of the other members of After School,  was married, and all the other members of After School came to be there.

The members looked happy while they were there, and they also took a moment to upload pictures of the short reunion at Jung Ah’s wedding on their personal Instagram accounts.

As reported from Allkpop, E-Young had her own activities, opening an idol training school, the E-Young Music Academy. The first grand opening was located in Chuncheon on September 23, 2018, at 3 PM KST.

E-Young announced the good news from her official Instagram account, using the image poster and saying what types of lessons were available, including piano, vocal, guitar, bass, electric guitar, dance class, audition, singer, band, idol, training and college. It was a full package for those who were enthusiasts, or those who just wanted to learn the basics in singing, dancing, and music.

While she was starting her own business, many fans supported her so that she could improve her new skills, share her own experience of being an idol with other people, and encourage anyone to reach their dreams by commenting through a poster on her Instagram, “OMG a great start! I wish I was there to join your class. Fighting!”“We’re so proud of you!”, “Fighting, unnie!”



Now you know all about After School’s E-Young. After Lizzy’s graduation in May, 2018, After School officially only has four members, Rania, Nana, Kaeun and E-Young. While they are doing their own activities, let’s hope that they’ll reunite again as a group and make a comeback as After School!