Get to Know More About Former Member After School Yoo So-young: Profile, Boyfriend, Photoshoot, Latest News, etc.


Let’s Get To Know More About Former Member Of The South Korean Girl-Group After School, ‘Yoo So-Young’

Yoo So-young was born on March 29, 1986She is a South Korean actress and former member of the girl-group After School. She is also known for her supporting roles in Korean dramas, including Dream High 2 and High Society.

Yoo So-Young’s Profile

Birth Name Yoo So-Young (유소영)
Stage Name  So Young (소영)
Date of Birth March 29, 1986
Date of Withdrawal October 29, 2009
Birthplace South Korea
Height 165 cm

Yoo So-Young Facts

  • She played as a cameo in “You’re Beautiful” (2009), and also acted in the dramas: “The Women of Our Home” (2011), “Dream High 2” (2012), “Panda and Hedgehog” (2012), and “High Society” (2015)
  • She is Protestant.
  • She speaks Korean and English.

Yoo So-Young’s Career With After School


Yoo So-young debuted as part of After School’s unofficial first appearance on December 29, 2008, at the SBS Song Festival, performing “Play Girlz” with Son Dam-bi. Prior to that, she made an appearance on KBS “TV Kindergarten One Two Three” as Hana; she also took part in the 75th “Miss Chunhyang pageant”, winning second place, in 2005. After School officially debuted in January 2009. She graduated from the group on October 29, 2009, to pursue her career in acting.

Yoo So-Young Reveals Her Reasons For Leaving After School

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The group After School now only has four members remaining, seven of them have already left. This is one reason they chose to take a break from the world of Korean entertainment.

Not long ago, a poll appeared for Korean girl-groups who have been taking a long break and are expected to immediately re-entertain their fans. The group, which debuted on January 15, 2009, is one of the long list.

Now, the former member of After School, Yoo So-Young, revealed her reason for leaving the group that contributed to raising her name. She pointed out in the “Every1’s Video Star” program broadcast by MBC on Tuesday (31/7) yesterday.

Apparently, the woman born on March 29, 1986, had a serious health problem. “I have a health problem that is not possible for me to be there,” she said. Yoo So-Young also feels that her passion is not in the music field. “I was in the entertainment world because I wanted to channel the acting talents that I had learned so far, singing is not my true talent,” she continued.

When starting out with After School, Yoo So-Young was still fairly young, 23 years old. At that productive age she felt it was the right decision to choose to pursue an acting career.

“When I was 23, I immediately decided to pursue a career in acting,” said the woman who had a role in “Every1’s Video Star”. “I’m afraid I won’t get that opportunity when I’m getting older.”

Yoo So-Young also revealed the difficulty of doing some of the dance moves. The former member she deems senior, Kahi, has a different standard of dance from the other members.

“She is a dancer and we cannot follow her movements, making it difficult for me,” she concluded.

After leaving After School, Yoo So-Young’s name faded slightly and she reportedly found it hard to find work outside the entertainment world. In fact, she tried to enter an application in a cafe to work part time and, unfortunately, the application was rejected.

Yoo So-Young’s Filmography

Year Title Role
2009 You’re Beautiful Before School member (cameo)
2011 My Bittersweet Life Lee Se-ra
2012 Dream High 2 Park Soon-dong
Ms Panda and Mr Hedgehog Kang Eun-bi
2013 Came To Me And Became A Star Jeong-ah
2014 You’re Only Mine Kang Sung-ah
2015 High Society Jang So-hyun
2017 Beastie Girls Ji-yeon

Former After School Member Yoo So-Young and Soccer Player Son Heung-Min Are Dating!


Former After School member Yoo So-Young and soccer star Son Heung-Min have confirmed that they are dating!

A local news outlet, The Fact, published an exclusive report with photos of actress Yoo So-Young and Tottenham Hotspur striker Son Heung-Min on an alleged car date. Yoo So-Young had reportedly driven all the way to a soccer training facility in Paju, a city north of Seoul, to have a late-night date with her boyfriend on Pepero Day. When it was time for them to part, Son Heung-Min kissed Yoo So-Young’s hand.

It did not take long for the stars to confirm the dating rumors, marking the birth of another celebrity couple. Yoo So-Young’s agency stated, “After checking with her, we can confirm that they are dating. It has not been long since they became a couple.”

Soon afterwards, Yoo So-Young had a short phone interview with news outlet Daily Sports, to personally speak up about their relationship. Her comments were carefully worded and considerate towards her partner, who is one of Korea’s most successful young soccer players.

“I feel like I should be careful with my words. There are some things that I feel uncomfortable talking about,” she said, appearing slightly nervous about the sudden media attention. “I’ve received a lot of calls [congratulating me] but I’m not picking them up.”

After School’s Former Member Yoo So-Young Admits Dating With Profesional Golfer


Actress or After School’s former member Yoo So-Young is dating with professional golfer Go Yoon-Sung!

On June 8, a representative of YG Sports reported, “it is true Go Yoon-Sung and Yoo So-Young are dating. They started seeing each other about two months ago.”

According to a source, the two met through mutual friends and progressed to being lovers. Furthermore, golf is mostly what connected the two. Go Yoon-Sung is a professional golfer, who debuted through the KPGA in 2009.

The two have also met at the JTBC Golf ‘Wide Angle Extreme Golf Challenge 2018’ as a panel member and a guest. In addition, Yoo So-Young recently posted on her SNS about entering the world of golf, with a caption that said “I’m a golf newbie. However, I’ve been preparing a lot for the past month.”

Meanwhile, Yoo So-Young debuted as a member of After School in 2009, but departed the group due to health issues. However, she soon debuted again, as an actress, and appeared in various dramas.

Yoo So-Young Only Wearing Blankets in The Forest For MAXIM

After School’s Former member, Yoo So-Young recently had a photoshoot with MAXIM’s adult magazine. In this photoshoot, Yoo So-Young looks brave just by wearing a bikini, showing her sexy body.

Towards the release of the latest edition, MAXIM magazine revealed footage of photos featuring Yoo So-Young. As seen in the photo, Yoo So-Young looks sexy on the edge of the forest, only covered with blankets.

Before taking the photo, she said, “If not now, when else can I show my skin?” Often referred to as a celebrity with a voluptuous body, she said, “I am very grateful, but also feel depressed for fear of disappointing people if I get fatter.”

“But my friend advised me, ‘It will be sexier if you add a little weight. So make sure to eat more,” Yoo So-Young said …

Asked if she had a boyfriend, Yoo So-Young replied, “I currently have a crush, but it doesn’t go well. My last relationship was last year,” she added.

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