Who Is Ex-After School’s Nana’s Boyfriend? Check Out Her Dating Rumors!

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Who Is Nana’s Boyfriend?

Nana is famously known as a member of After School, but currently, she is more focused on her acting and modeling career and is still managed under Pledis Entertainment. Ever since her debut era, Nana already gained lots of attention due to her visual and magnificent skills.

However, many people are also curious whether Nana has a boyfriend or not since she was also caught up in dating rumors sometimes. Let’s get to know more about who is Nana’s boyfriend and her love life through the article below by Channel Korea!

Nana is Still Single

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Many fans might have been speculating that Nana is dating someone, but she is likely still single. Ever since her first debut as a member of After School until she is more recognized as an actress now, Nana used to be involved in several dating rumors, but she never confirmed any romantic relationship by herself.

Nana also used to talk about her relationship experience in the past in one of her interviews session. “Although I’m single, I’m trying my best to date often,” she said. “I don’t have a boyfriend [at the moment] since I find it also hard to meet a good person,” she added.

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Well, it is a common problem among celebrities who have admitted that they have no boyfriend or girlfriend at that moment. Since they are busy with their schedule and rarely have time to meet someone who can potentially be their girlfriend or boyfriend, so does Nana.

Nana’s Ideal Type Is a Guy Who’s Opposite of Her

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Nana is likely still single right now, but she used to talk about her ideal type. Turns out, she likes someone who has the opposite personality from her! “I don’t look much when it comes to appearance [of someone]. Personality-wise, I like a guy who is the opposite of me, and someone who can take care of me like a mother.”

Nana’s Dating Rumor with Hong Jong-hyun

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Nana and Hong Jong-hyun used to be involved in a dating rumor. Initially, the two of them meet for the first time when they became the hosts for OnStyle’s “Style Log” and become closer afterward. The dating rumor sparked after the two of them reportedly spent most of their time together such as went to an amusement park, spending time around Hong Jung-hyun’s neighborhood, and many more.

However, the dating rumor between Nana and Hong Jung-hyun isn’t true since a representative of Nana at that time denied the rumor. “Nana and Hong Jung-hyun are indeed close, but they aren’t in a romantic relationship.”

nana and hong jong hyun

On the other hand, the model-turn-actor speaks up about the dating rumor by himself. “Because it [the dating rumor] wasn’t true, I shrugged it off. Unexpectedly, however, it got a lot of attention, and I was very surprised by that.” Moreover, Hong Jong-hyun also explains that he is still good friends with Nana and still meets up sometimes.

Nana and Jang Ki-yong’s Dating Rumors Isn’t True

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When Nana and Jang Ki-yong starred together in the drama Kill It, many people were fascinated with their strong chemistry as the main character. Even though the drama was mainly focused on the thriller genre, there was romance between their character as well.

It also somehow made people curious about whether they were dating or not, even dating rumors between them have sparked. However, both Nana and Jang Ki-yong never confirmed their relationship besides as colleagues. Although both of them aren’t dating, Nana and Jang Ki-yong are still close as friends and colleagues.

jang ki yong and nana

“It’s been very great [to work with Nana]. We’ve become very comfortable around each other and closer since the first time we met,” Jang Ki-yong explained. Meanwhile, Nana also gave an opinion about her co-star, “Jang Ki-yong is very thoughtful and open to other opinions. The atmosphere on set was very great and we can be friends very quickly. It also helped us in our work.”

That’s everything about former After School member Nana’s boyfriend and everything about her dating rumors! Nana might not have a boyfriend at the moment, but let’s hope for anything best in her love life in the future!

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