Full Profile of After School Members (Age, Birthday, Height, and Facts)

How Is After School’s Popularity Ranking?


Based on the observations, Nana, Kahi and UEE are all three firmly occupying the first place as Nana’s figure is popularly known in both South Korea and internationally, whereas Kahi and UEE who have often appeared on television shows and dramas are known by the general public in South Korea. Following in the second place are Raina, Lizzy, Jooyeon, Jungah, and Kaeun. Raina and Lizzy are known as Orange Caramel members, as well as their solo endeavors in singing and acting.

On the other hand, Jooyeon and Jungah are known for their dating rumors with male celebrities, while Kaeun’s fame surged after she became a participant of the survival show Produce 48. Lastly, E-Young, Bekah, and Soyoung share the third and last place because while they do (or did) have the title as After School members, their popularity is limitedly known by the true fans of After School.