After Moon (2018) by TWICE


“After Moon” (2018) by TWICE

Artist Twice
Album / Mini-album Yes or Yes
Release Date November 5, 2018
Length 3:24
Label JYP Entertainment
Songwriter Iggy, C-no, and Woong Kim
Composer Iggy, C-no, and Woong Kim
Genre K-pop


TWICE is known for their cheerfulness, brightness, and energy in their songs. But, TWICE also has several ballad songs that can move the heart, heal invisible wounds, and warm the body. “21:29,” “Behind the Mask,” “Like a Fool,” “After Moon,” and “One in a Million” are examples of their ballad songs. But, right now, we will talk about “After Moon.”

“After Moon” is a song that belongs to the YES or YES EP. “After Moon” was released along with YES or YES on November 5th, 2018. It’s an EP that consists of seven tracks, and “After Moon” is the sixth track on the EP.

The song teaser was through Album Play on November 4th along with other songs from the YES or YES EP.

Background of “After Moon”

Before the release of the YES or YES EP, there was an advertisement on subway billboards that said, “Do you Like TWICE? Yes or Yes?” that was put up around early October 2018. Following the advertisement, JYP Entertainment confirmed that TWICE was going to make a comeback on November 5, 2018.

The title of the album was revealed on October 20th, 2018, the same time as TWICE’s 3rd anniversary. The tracklist for the EP simultaneously was released on October 24th, 2018, with three series of tracklists, and the complete tracklist details were revealed on October 26th, 2018.

Story of “After Moon”

“After Moon” is a ballad track that was both written and composed by Iggy, C-no, and Woong Kim, while the producer of this song is Woong Kim. As a ballad song, “After Moon” is a comforting song that talks about memories that TWICE shares with another person, supposedly signifying ONCE and memories from long ago that still make them smile.

It’s just like when they see the moon that makes them smile, the memories also knock into their hearts, and TWICE wants to remember that they will be always together whether as TWICE or ONCE. It’s just like the sun and moon in the sky. Though they can’t meet, they will always be together.

It’s a song that always brings memories of togetherness among TWICE and what they and ONCE had been going through, and, no matter what, they share the same memories and are together even when they can’t meet. Each of them will be by each other’s side.

“After Moon” Performance

“After Moon” is a song that suits the mood of a concert because it resembles TWICE and ONCE’s relationship. So, it’s often performed in concerts. One of the performances of “After Moon” is from TWICE World Tour Twicelight. They performed “After Moon” in white dresses that suited the mood of the song that is pure, hopeful, and full of sincerity.