Everything You Need To Know About African-Korean Model Han Hyun-min: Full Profile, Family, And Latest News!

Foreigner Who Doesn’t Speak English


One of his drawbacks is his lack of ability to speak English. When he has a modeling job in foreign countries, the fashion exhibition staff speak to him in English. He has difficulties in understanding English and said that he couldn’t speak English well.

During a guest appearance in MBC’s Radiostar, Han Hyun-min revealed one unfortunate fact about his English skills. After gaining popularity from his appearances in TV and fashion shows, Han Hyun-min was offered a commercial contract from a car company. He was excited because it was his first commercial offering.

The company wanted him to do some stylish poses and ended with a cool swag pose. Since he was born and lived in Korea for 17 years, his swag pronunciation was weird and wasn’t similar to that of English speaking countries. The commercial director asked him to practice pronouncing swag because his pronunciation sounded too much like a Korean. After the briefing, he practiced saying swag for almost two hours. By the time the recording started, he made a similar Korean-like swag pronunciation. Immediately, he was rejected from the commercial.

The host of Radiostar, Kim Gu-ra encouraged him to study English more. Han Hyun-min knew exactly that he must study and practice English more but he said that he spent too much time playing online games in the PC room.

In another variety show, KBS2’s Happy Together, Han Hyun-min said that he had been studying English like crazy for about two months. Upon hearing this, host Yoo Jae-suk directly challenged him to speak and introduce himself in English. Slightly surprised by the sudden challenge, he was able to say only: “Hi, My Name is Han Hyun-min”. All Happy Together hosts and guests laughed at his funny mistake. Feeling embarrassed, he said that he needs to practice beforehand and can’t speak English all of a sudden.


Showing Off His Modeling Skills


Han Yun-min and actress Lee Da-hee appeared on jTBC’s Knowing Bros episode 112. Both of them started out as runway fashion models and later gained more popularity after appearing in dramas or variety shows.

In the model-themed episode, Han Hyun-min said that he can display two clothes within two minutes. Knowing Bros members gladly accepted his challenge and arranged the set into his runway. The classroom stage was set for fashion runway and the backstage was set for changing room.

He entered the classroom wearing a high school uniform. As he walked into the runway, he captivated all the members, especially Lee Da-hee. Lee Da-hee, a fashion model turned to actress, was visibly amazed by his cool persona and his trademark model walk. Han Hyun-min transformed into a global fashion model and captivated the viewers with his walk, turn and pose.

As he left the stage, Han Hyun-min quickly ran to the temporary changing room. Within seconds, he changed and wore a sleek businessman suit. Lee Da-hee was fascinated by his cool aura and professional yet stylish appearance. Lee Sang-min, a fashion enthusiast, looked at him from head to toe and nodded several times while admiring Han Hyun-min’s pose.




In an interview with Arirang Issue, he revealed his childhood story. He said that friends called him Michol from Dooly the Little Dinosaur or broccoli because of his hair.

In the early days of his modeling career, he had a struggle in interacting with other models. Models assumed him as a foreigner because of his appearance and hesitated in approaching him. But as soon as he started speaking fluent Korean, they talked a lot and other models started approaching him.

Han Hyung-min said that his most influential figure is his mother. Being different from classmates and neighborhood kids, they made fun of him and called him black. His mother advised him to ignore the kids and other people and stopped responding to their harassment. His mother said that he is very special and that he will stand out from other kids.

Han Hyung-min’s agency director revealed that he saw Han Hyung-min’s talent but he felt sad because Han Hyung-min was discriminated from other kids. Han Hyun-min’s talent could provide a fresh face and new insight into Korean culture.

His high school friends always thought of him as a Korean because he spoke Korean like any other Korean kid, he couldn’t speak English and he enjoyed eating Korean food.

Living his dream at such an early age, Han Hyun-min desires to be a role model for other multicultural kids. He wants to encourage them to work hard and inspire them to be as successful as him.


During an appearance in the 2020 first episode of MBC’s South Korean Foreigner, Han Hyun-min finally became an adult. Regardless of actual birthdates, everyone that was born in 2001 became an adult, aged nineteen, on January 1st, 2020. Host, regular members, and guests congratulated him on becoming an adult.

The main host, Kim Yong-man asked him about what is the first thing he will do after becoming an adult. To everyone’s surprise and without a second of thinking, Han Hyun-min said, “Now, I am able to play in the PC Room for 24 hours.” According to Korean rules, a minor isn’t allowed to play in a PC Room after 10 PM. Sam Ochere, another Nigerian that speaks Korean well, responded, “Since he is only thinking about games and the PC room, he is indeed very young.”



Becoming an adult and living his dream of becoming a runway model, Han Hyun-min is enjoying his life to the fullest. Let’s wish him to continue maintaining his excellent career and humble character. That was all the information about the Korean model Han Hyun-min. Don’t hesitate to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!