Aespa’s Winter: Profile, Pre Debut, Real Name, Plastic Surgery, Etc.

Winter as Aespa’s Lead Dancer: Her Birthday Performance at the SM Town Concert

Now it’s time to get to know more of Winter’s dancing skills. We have watched the music videos and dance practices of Aespa performing “Black Mamba.” Their performances on stage are also marvelous.

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But it’s still not enough to see Winter’s dance skill.

Yep, so we provide you with Winter’s focus fan-cam. From this video, we can see more of her dancing to “Black Mamba.” Enjoy!

No wonder Winter got the title of lead dancer. She really danced so well. It’s the same girl who joined the dance festival back in Yangsan, but Winter’s skills have really improved as a dancer.

As you already know, Winter’s birthday is on January 1st. It’s the same date as when SM Entertainment held a free concert of SM TOWN. What a nice moment for both Winter and Aespa’s fans. They can celebrate Winter’s birthday while enjoying Aespa’s performances at the SM TOWN Live Culture Humanity.

It’s so good to see that the girls have only officially debuted about two months ago but they already joined the big concert of the agency.

SM Entertainment also posted a video of Aespa making a ticket to the SM TOWN Live Culture Humanity.

The girls look so cute while taking a photo of them in a photo box.

Winter the Meme

As you already know, SM Entertainment chose “Winter” as Kim’s stage name because her image is something pure, clear, and innocent. Well, it’s true, even if we see her, she looks really cute and adorable. That could be because she is the youngest member of her family, her maknae side is showing somehow.

But there’s also something that you need to know.

Winter is really meme-able, and yes, you’ve heard it right.

Despite her beautiful face, Winter is often showing a meme-able face on camera. Fans can’t help but laugh and adore her funny image at the same time.


And Winter’s part in “Black Mamba” became a viral meme in Korea. The part where she sings, “aespa is me, there can’t be two” is often used by Korean netizens.

Not only pretty but also entertaining, Winter is really the full package!

Winter’s Childhood Photos: Glow-up Puberty or Plastic Surgery?

Winter’s pretty face has captured a lot of people’s hearts. To the point that they wonder if Winter did plastic surgery or not, just like the stereotype of K-pop idols. But once again, we want to remind all of you that an idol’s pretty image is not always the result of plastic surgery. Even if they did, it’s not wrongdoing, right?

Okay then, let’s see Winter’s pre-debut photos!


Winter had already been a cutie even when she was a little girl. What a precious human being, she is!


That’s all the info that we have provided for you to learn more about Winter. Her image might be pure and angelic, but she is still a living meme after all. She’s also an awesome dancer. Which of Winter’s charms do you like the most? Please, kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!