Aespa vs ITZY: Which 4th Gen K-pop Girl Group Is More Successful?

aespa vs ITZY

Find Out More About the Difference Between Aespa and ITZY, Here!

K-Pop steals the attention of many people with its standards and the various different concepts the group are enforcing. Likewise, the standard of K-Pop groups continues to grow and makes many people enthusiastic about the given concept. But have you ever thought about the competition among K-Pop groups?

In this article, we will provide you with details about two popular girl groups from SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, namely Aespa and ITZY. Who is the better one out of the two of them? Of the various talents, who is the most superior? Let’s find out more about the answer, here!

Aespa vs ITZY: Debut and Concept

aespa vs ITZY

When it comes to debut, K-Pop is synonymous with a concept that dares to be different and always attracts the attention of many people, so the public and fans can see the good potential of the group.

aespa vs ITZY

On November 17th, 2020, Aespa as a girl group under SM Entertainment released their music video titled “Black Mamba”, in accordance with the story carried in the Aespa universe, which features a mysterious fantasy world where the members begin to connect with their avatars.

Aespa debuted with 4 members including Karina, Giselle, Ningning, and Winter.

aespa vs ITZY

On February 10th, 2019, JYP Entertainment released the music video for their debut song “DALLA DALLA”. In the music video, the members sing confidently and try to be different from the others. They also seem to love themselves for who they are.

A year older than Aespa, ITZY has 5 members with Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna.

Aespa vs ITZY: Members Skills

aespa vs ITZY

Every member of a girl group must-have skills that have been learned from the previous trainee period, so they can perform giving their best appearances on stage. Therefore, fans pay attention to their skills when it comes to vocals, rapping, and dancing.

Let’s get straight to learning more about Aespa vs ITZY’s most prominent members’ skills!

Aespa’s vs ITZY’s Vocal Line

aespa vs ITZY

Aespa members who are part of the vocal line are Ningning and Winter. You can hear them hitting the high notes several times.

Without disappointing fans, Aespa members showed off their beautiful vocal colors and outstanding singing abilities. Ningning can deliver powerful vocals just like Winter, who has previously been criticized for being able to hit the high notes without flinching.

aespa vs ITZY

ITZY members who are part of the vocal line are Lia, Chaeryeong, and Yeji.

However, according to netizens, none of the members have vocal skills that really stand out in ITZY, but they have a solid dance line. A netizen commented on Pann, “Who has a problem with ITZY’s vocals? I’m always a little disappointed with ITZY’s vocals every time I listen to their music, but I don’t know who the problem is.”

Aespa’s vs ITZY’s Rap

aespa vs ITZY

Aespa member who is famous as a rapper is Giselle.

Not only is Giselle called the main rapper, but the other three members have also shown their rapping skills in “Next Level”, including Winter and Ningning who are known as vocalists, and Karina who usually gets the opening verse.

aespa vs ITZY

ITZY members who are famous as rappers are Ryujin and Yeji.

They both get a lot of rap parts in songs that have been released. Even though they both stand out for their dancing skills, their rapping skills are quite good. With their position as rappers, netizens have several times been criticizing them that they are actually more suited to be dancers.

Aespa’s vs ITZY’s Dance

aespa vs ITZY

Aespa member who is famous as a dancer is Karina.

Some fans of Aespa, also known as MY, show that Karina has improved a lot in terms of choreography. Karina’s movements are highly appreciated for their firmness, neatness, and very attractive expressions.

aespa vs ITZY

According to Korean netizens, ITZY is the strongest K-Pop girl group in terms of dancing ability. Talking about ITZY, it must be admitted that most of the members are good at dancing. The girl group’s performance on stage is often praised by netizens, especially Yeji and Shin Ryujin.