aespa vs BLACKPINK: Which One Is More Popular In Hollywood?

aespa vs BLACKPINK: Album Sales and Awards

blackpink and aespa

BLACKPINK’s successfully sold over 1,3 million copies worldwide of the group’s first studio album “The Album” (2020) and they were the first K-Pop girl group ever to do that. Meanwhile, aespa just released the group’s first EP in 2021 titled “Savage”. It successfully became aespa’s first and highest entry on the US Billboard 200 chart, peaked at number 1 on the Gaon Album Chart, and even was certified 2x Platinum by the Korea Music Contest Association for selling 500k units.

Well, the comparison didn’t equal enough since BLACKPINK has a studio album, meanwhile, aespa just released an EP. But still, both of the groups have made such huge achievements! For the awards, both aespa and BLACKPINK received many nominations and awards whether in South Korea or through overseas awards. Where aespa won 2 awards out of 6 nominations at the Gaon Chart Music Awards, BLACKPINK won 9 awards out of 13 nominations.

blackpink and aespa

The group also received overseas awards respectively such as BLACKPINK for iHeart Radio Music Awards in 2020, and aespa for iF Product Design Award in 2022. In terms of number, BLACKPINK gained more awards than aespa, considering that BLACKPINK has started its debut in advance.

aespa vs BLACKPINK: 2022 Popularity

blackpink and aespa

As of January 2022, aespa successfully peaked in the top three for the group’s brand reputation. Meanwhile, According to the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation, they have shared the brand value ranking of girl groups as of March 2022, and BLACKPINK came up on the first rank, successfully beating Girls’ Generation and Apink.

aespa vs BLACKPINK: Visual

aespa winter and blackpink jisoo

Both aespa and BLACKPINK have different concepts, but when it comes to visuals, they have the same gorgeous member as the group’s visual; aespa’s Winter and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo! aespa’s concept somehow radiates futuristic, feminine, and girl crush most of the time.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK most often appeared with fierce-sassy vibes with a ‘darker’ concept, although they once appeared with a girly concept during the “Ice Cream” era.  Moreover, BLACKPINK’s Lisa was on the list of TC Candler’s Most Beautiful Face several times, such as in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

blackpink jisoo and aespa karina

Meanwhile, aespa members gained recognition for their visuals on several occasions such as aespa’s Karina and aespa’s Giselle where they appeared in the 2021’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Asia Artist Award 2021 respectively.

aespa vs BLACKPINK: Fashion

aespa and blackpink

Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa has endorsed and appointed as luxury fashion brand ambassadors. Jisoo with DIOR, Jennie with Chanel, Rose with YSL, and Lisa for CELINE. Moreover, the members have gathered attention while attending Fashion Week and Met Gala where they appeared with luxury and outstanding fashion items.

blackpink fashion ambassador
aespa fashion ambassador

Not to mention Jennie who is well-known as the ‘Human Chanel’ and Rosé’s debut at the Met Gala 2021. Meanwhile, all of the aespa members have been appointed as the global ambassador of Givenchy and making them the first K-Pop groups to do so. It is also proven aespa’s influence is the ‘Rookie Monster’ where the members could be the face of Givenchy.

aespa vs BLACKPINK: Plastic Surgery Rumor

Aespa's Karina's plastic surgery

Whether in aespa or BLACKPINK, people have accused the members to do plastic surgery, especially after the pre-debut pictures of them have spread through the internet. Many people used to be shocked when seeing the pre-debut pictures of Karina and Winter which looked different from their current appearance, not to mention people considering them as the ‘luxury visuals’.

blackpink lisa plastic surgery

Meanwhile, some people believed that Lisa was the only BLACKPINK member who have done plastic surgery for her nose since her nose looked quite different compared to her old pictures. However, despite all of the plastic surgery rumors, it has never been confirmed that aespa or BLACKPINK ever have any.

In The End, aespa and BLACKPINK Are Equally Incredible

aespa and blackpink

Despite all of those comparisons, aespa and BLACKPINK are equally incredible, not to mention their huge popularity in the entertainment industry. Both of them have been invited to the huge music festival Coachella, and appointed as brand ambassadors from various brands, how each member radiates various charms and huge potential when it comes to skill, and has such a gorgeous visual appearance.

We will be looking forward to other projects and achievements from both groups in the future! Well, what do you guys think about aespa and BLACKPINK? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!