aespa’s Scandals: Check Out All the Shocking Scandals That Ever Happened to aespa!

aespa scandals

The Scandal That Almost Breaking aespa Member Before and After Debut!

aespa is a successful SM Entertainment girl group that debuted in 2020. The group consists of four stunning members: Karina, Giselle, Winter, and NingNing. Their debut song Black Mamba has surpassed 100,000,000 Youtube MV video views in just one month could describe how they enchanted people with their talents.

However, despite the hits views of their song and performances, there are some accusations and scandals that happened to aespa members. Whether it’s true or not check out all the shocking scandals related to aespa members on this Channel-Korea below! Stay reading!

The Beautiful Karina Being Accused of Bad Mouthing BTS Member

Before her debut, Karina received blame from some internet malicious comments that said she was insulting male idols such as EXO, NCT, and BTS. It was found there’s some text messaging about bad-mouthing BTS visual that accused Karina (Jimin) of her friend. However, this only captures chat which can’t prove it’s real Karina or not.

There’s also a rumor of Karina bullying a former ex-SM trainee who after uploading a photo of Kep1er’s Kim Chae Hyun in Bubble. People accused her to make one former ex-SM trainee suicide with bullying which all of them are lies. SM Entertainment and Karina took legal action, because of such empty and malicious comments.

The Rapper Giselle Accused to Have Dark Past

Giselle is also a victim of malicious online comments with no evidence from her friends. There’s someone who started saying Giselle is a teenager who got into drugs, alcohol, and smoking back then. Some people claimed she deleted her Instagram and change her phone number, but soon revealed she is an SM trainee.

However, her friends voluntarily stood for her and said it was none of it true. Giselle stopped communicating with some of her friends in Japan since a few of her friends started the false rumor. Read the clarification of Giselle’s friends here:

Giselle Seems Mouthing Racism N-Word When Singing

Giselle was expressively singing a song behind a track with lyrics containing N-word. She considers knowing English with a background in an international school. The N-word is also considered a word that is prohibited to say regarding racism. However, it looks like that is NOT something that she intends to do.

Winter Getting Accused Of Having Bad Personality in High School

Winter got an accusation in an online community (AskFM) saying she ever sexually harassed EXO’s Kai. The statement was saying something related to how she wanted to see Kai takes off his top in EXO Show Time.

The statement post in AskFM was under named Kim Minjeong who claimed from Yangsang City of Gyeongsang Province, similar to Winter. Her name is also the same as the real name of Winter, Kim Minjeong, and born in 2001 too. At a glimpse it looks true, however, the real Kim Minjeong stood up on Twitter and said she’s not Winter and did not know her in person. The real Kim Minjeong also put her ID card to prove she is what she said. So, Winter isn’t what the rumor saying.

aespa’s Concept was Plagiarism

The concept of aespa when releasing Savage was accused of plagiarism. Some of the photos of aespa members have similarities with the Japanese artist, Hajime Sorayama. Besides, there’s a first debut, Black Mamba, Karina poses as a robot wrapping in some kind of art same as his art too.

Ithe mask that aespa used in their looks was similar to a British designer, James Mary. Check it out below!

That’s all about shocking scandals that ever happened to aespa members, which one is the most surprised for you? Put your comment and share your thoughts below! Keep sending a positive message to aespa because circulating negative things will hurt you and somebody else too!