Everything You Need to Know About Aespa: Profile, Facts, Debut Stage, Meaning, etc.

Aespa’s Official Debut


Aespa officially debuted on November 17th, 2020, with the release of their debut single “Black Mamba.” Aespa is a four-member multinational girl group from SM Entertainment that consists of Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning.

“Aespa” is a combination of “ae,” which describes “Avatar X Experience.” It also stands for the English word “aspect,” which means “two-sided,” based on the worldview of “meeting my other self, Avatar, and experiencing a new world.”

Aespa’s Music Video


Check out the music video of Aespa’s debut with “Black Mamba”!


Aespa’s Performances on Music Shows


Aespa have been making promotions on various music shows. Check out their amazing and stunning performances of “Black Mamba”!

Aespa’s Focus Fan-cam


Check out the focus fan-cam of each member of Aespa, here~

Fans were amazed by Karina’s visual. “Imagine being pretty, has good body proportion, and talented af,” said one fan. “The charisma of this woman is just overflowing,” continued another. “Oh she is good. This is why she’s center. Facial expressions are really striking, and her moves are powerful,” added yet another.

Check out some fans’ thoughts of Winter, here:

  • the way she looks so focused and confident at the same time, winter has a lot of potential, she really is sm’s hidden weapon
  • Winter’s fancam might become the fastest fancam from a rookie girl group to hit 1 million after debut
  • if winter is not your bias, she’s def your bias wrecker

Fans once commented that Ningning is the combination of Victoria, Joy, and Jennie. An all-rounder idol. Fans added, “So proud of our last SM Rookies.” Others said, “She’s such an all-rounder: she has the visuals, dance skills, and vocals. I’m so happy that she finally debuted, hope sm doesn’t waste her potential.”

Check out the fans’ comments on Giselle’s fan-cam:

  • Even tho Giselle didn’t have much line, even 0 rap line, she’s still caught my attention. Especially her “ayayayaya~” part. She’s spitting fire!
  • I like the fact she is enjoying the stage and she has amazing expressions.
  • Imagine only training for 11 months to be the main rapper yet can dance like this. Imagine being Aeri Uchinaga.