Looking like a Goddess, Find Out about aespa’s Karina’s Pre-Debut Here!

aespa’s Karina Appeared in SHINee’s Taemin’s “WANT” MV


Two friends of aespa’s Karina also revealed facts about Yoo Ji-min’s appearance in SHINee’s Taemin‘s music video, “WANT.” “Before being revealed to the public, she quickly became famous for her appearance in Taemin’s music video because of her visuals.”


At that time, Yoo Ji-min was still a trainee and had not been revealed to the public. However, after her photo was uploaded to Facebook, she got a lot of attention from netizens but also a lot of criticism as well. This only started malicious comments towards Yoo Ji-min as she continued to receive attention.


“If you look in the comments, they say she’s just popular. Of course, if you only read this type of comment, you want to condemn and despise the people who left those comments.”


“However, all these comments were left by people from the cathedral and schools that are not close to us. We realized it created a negative image of her [Karina], so we asked the person who uploaded it to take down the post. Those who posted the comment of the original apologized and deleted the post,” said two friends of aespa’s Karina.

aespa’s Karina’s Rumor of Having Plastic Surgery


Karina, who is known to be a fan of her label-mate f(x) and soloist IU, was a former ulzzang before joining SM Entertainment. Ulzzang is slang used by Korean teenagers to describe a good-looking figure, be they beautiful or handsome, and usually, they will be the talk of social media.

In this session, we will take a closer look at some of the photos that were collected when aespa’s Karina was still in her pre-debut era!


In the mirror selca above, you can clearly see that the person in the photo is Yoo Ji-min, also known as Karina. From the selca, fans will certainly notice the visual of aespa’s Karina even though the lights around her are not that bright. She also looks like she is wearing her daily outfit, which made her proportional body look really great in her mirror selca, right?


Another photo that can be found is when aespa’s Karina was still at school with one of her friends. It can be seen from the selca that aespa’s Karina already looked very radiant even without make-up when she still went to school. With long and straight black hair, we can see how beautiful aespa’s Karina was when she was a high schooler.


From the photo above, aespa’s Karina’s pre-debut picture already looked beautiful and as shining as ever! It looks like the visual of aespa’s Karina during her pre-debut has even become the ideal type for K-pop idols to debut soon, right? Her sweet smile and perfect face shape are probably nothing short of a hit when it comes to beauty standards in South Korea. aespa’s Karina really pulled out an image of a K-pop idol that already looks like a goddess, right?


People can not get enough of looking at aespa’s Karina’s pre-debut pictures, especially when aespa’s Karina is seen in her school yearbook like the picture above. She definitely looks perfect, right? Her skin is glowing, and she has very beautiful eyes and a high nose like a celebrity.


In this photo, it can be said that this picture was taken when she was just still a kid because it looks like a slight change in facial structure which is very natural. With a slight look, surely many will recognize if the face in this photo shows aespa’s Karina’s vibe, right? There may seem to be some changes in her facial features as she grows older but still looks natural. The same thing happens with everyone who gets older and looks more mature and beautiful.

What do you think about some of the pre-debut photos from aespa’s Karina that you have seen above? Can you spot the changes that happened to her face after she debuted? If not, let’s see for more information in the next session if aespa’s Karina has had some changes and became prettier after debut!

aespa’s Karina’s Visual as a Girl Group Member


aespa’s Karina automatically became the talk of many people soon after she appeared and debuted under SM Entertainment. The agency is indeed famous for having many trainees whose visuals are very beautiful and handsome, including the appearance of aespa’s Karina that made many people amazed and surprised by her beauty.

To get to know aespa’s Karina more closely, let’s immediately look at some evidence that aespa’s Karina literally looks like a goddess!


Many didn’t expect that SM Entertainment would release another “weapon” with a girl group member who is very beautiful like aespa’s Karina. You can see the visual of aespa’s Karina from one of the promotional pictures above. She doesn’t need a lot of effort with an overly exaggerated expression but just looking at the camera lens surely makes many people melt, right?


Besides that, there was also one advertisement starring aespa’s Karina and also EXO’s Kai when Karina had just made her first appearance in the entertainment industry. You could say that the sports car advertisement starring the two idols under SM Entertainment managed to invite the enthusiasm of many fans and also those who were curious about aespa’s Karina’s appearance while she was preparing for her debut date with the group during that time.



aespa’s Karina’s visual really can’t be matched by anyone. In every photo taken, both candid and for promotional pictures like this, she is always stunning and brings a whole different concept that fits perfectly with her visuals. aespa’s Karina in the photo for the individual teaser for their next comeback, “Next Level,” looks like a character from a mobile game, right?


In this casual-themed photo, aespa’s Karina pulled out her best pose and charisma. Even though the concept of outfits and costumes are different, aespa’s Karina’s natural beauty doesn’t just fade away. While wearing a daily outfit just like in this picture, aespa’s Karina looks like she’s having full energy of being girlfriend material, right?

Well, have you found any visual changes from aespa’s Karina? Has it been seen from her pre-debut pictures to recent pictures after Karina’s promotion as a member of aespa that there have been many changes in her appearance?

That was all of the information about aespa’s Karina’s life and stories that can be expressed through this article. Being a K-pop idol is not easy, right? All your life from various sides will of course be revealed one by one and there will be bad news from people who don’t like the success of K-pop idols. However, the controversies of aespa’s Karina’s pre-debut life turned out to not be true. Yoo Ji-min or who we know today as Karina is an idol with a good reputation, right?

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