aespa Members Diet Plan (Exercise and Workout)

aespa members

aespa’s Diet Plan and Workout Routine To Keep You Stay in Shape

aespa were called ‘Rookie Monster’ for many reasons, such as their industry achievements, masterpieces, and of course, their visual appearances. All the members are stunning from head to toe, and it is also made through hard work and efforts like diet or workouts.

Many people are curious about the members’ diet and workout routine, especially after aespa appeared in “The Manager” a show where people can watch their daily activities as well. Are you curious about that? Let’s get further details about aespa’s members’ diet plan and workout routine through the article below by Channel Korea!

aespa Members Have Regular Meals, But They Practice Hard Everyday

aespa diet and workout routine

aespa members probably have different diet methods compared to other female K-Pop celebrities. They have a regular meal, but the key is to practice hard every day to make their bodies stay shaped.

Moreover, SM Entertainment as their agency is well-known for not forcing the artist to go on a strict diet, according to one of the agency’s former trainees. There is a strict diet regime in the K-Pop entertainment industry, but SM Entertainment never forced the trainees or the artists to follow it.

aespa diet and workout routine

The agency also sent controlled food portions to the trainees daily, but with no desserts. However, since the competition in the industry is very well-aware, many trainees and artists are working hard, including dieting for themselves and taking care of their appearances.

aespa’s Karina’s Diet Plan and Workout Routine

aespa diet and workout routine

Since Karina and the other aespa members are still ‘new’ in the industry, they need to take care of their body appearances and health. Her diet avoids junk food, oily, or sweet foods.

She eats healthy food on the breakfast menu, such as avocado toast with egg. Then lunch consists of a small portion of rice, vegetables, and chicken breast or salmon. For dinner, it consists of a salad, chicken breast, and soup as well. Fruits are also added as snacks between lunch and dinner.

aespa’s Karina’s Workout Routines Are Leg Exercises and Flying Yoga

aespa karina workout

Karina has mesmerized everyone with her body goals most of the time, and do you know her secret tips? They are leg exercises and flying yoga! Her secret was revealed through one of the episodes of “The Manager”.

With a personal trainer, Karina showing-off her workout routine that she has done for almost three years. From the glimpse of the clip, Karina did a leg exercise with the help of her trainer on equipment. The move seemed a little bit difficult, but Karina enjoyed it very well without any hesitation, followed by some of the waist exercises afterward.

aespa karina workout

On other occasions, Karina enjoyed aerial yoga or flying yoga as well as her workout routine, which keeps her body shape. As you can tell, flying yoga is very popular among K-Pop celebrities!

aespa’s Giselle’s Diet Plan and Workout Routine

aespa giselle

Giselle is well-known for her fondness for salty and sweet foods, but she can maintain the amount of consumption to stay in shape. Just like Karina, when she is on a diet, she probably avoids too many oily or sweet foods.

For a healthier choice, Giselle’s breakfast diet menu contains a bowl of oatmeal with berries, followed by a small portion of rice with chicken breast and vegetables for lunch. And then for dinner, it contains salad and sweet potatoes. Smoothies can be added as snacks in between meals.

aespa’s Giselle’s Workout Routine is Dancing

aespa giselle

Just like the standard workout routine among K-Pop idols, one of Giselle’s workout routines is dancing. While in dance practice, she could spend lots of time there, which helped her maintain her body shape since dance practice includes many complex moves and burning calories. Since aespa has a personal trainer, Giselle most likely has her exercises that suit her body as well.

aespa’s Winter’s Diet Plan and Workout Routine

aespa winter

Not only avoiding oily or sweet foods during the diet, but aespa members tend to avoid high carbs food to maintain their body shape, including Winter. Although she likes chocolate and other sweet foods, Winter stays balanced to stay in shape.

Her breakfast diet menu consists of avocado toast and smoothies as snacks. Lunch consists of a small bowl of rice with vegetables and salmon or chicken breast and dinner with salmon salad.

aespa’s Winter’s Workout Routine is Cardio

aespa winter

Aside from dance practice, Winter’s workout routine includes cardio as well. This workout contains aerobic exercise that keeps your body to moves and helps to burn calories. As the group’s lead dancer, Winter should take care of her body very well to maintain her strength, and her flexible body moves and dance practice with cardio are the perfect matches to do. No wonder she can stay in shape most of the time!

aespa’s Ningning’s Diet Plan and Workout Routine

aespa ningning

From NingNing‘s favorite foods and drinks, we can tell that she is pretty balanced. She loves Coca-Cola and orange juice, but she also likes homemade food like hot pot and sundae soup. Ningning also likes strawberries and watermelon very much, so it can balance her diet and make her body healthier.

Her breakfast diet menu consists of green tea with lemon, then chicken breast with vegetables, and a small portion of rice for lunch. For dinner, she eats a bowl of salad and adds a protein smoothie as a snack.

aespa’s Ningning’s Workout Routine is Dancing

aespa ningning

Just like Giselle, dancing is one of the main workout routines for Ningning. Especially during the preparation of her debut or comeback with aespa, she must be very busy with dance practice.

All of those problematic dancing moves help her to burn calories and make her stay in shape. Moreover, Ningning and the members always do body stretching before their activities to prevent getting hurt.

That’s everything about aespa’s diet plan and workout routine! Although the members don’t have a strict diet regime, they all work very hard to stay healthy yet look good on many occasions. But still, you have to be careful and ask for a doctor’s advice before undergoing any kind of diet, so please be wise!

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