Aespa’s Debut: Becoming a Powerful Rookie With ‘Black Mamba’


Everything You Need To Know About aespa’s Debut Era Here!

In this article, Channel-Korea has prepared very detailed information about the debut era of SM Entertainment’s new girl group that debuted in 2020, which is aespa! They are arguably the rookie monsters who debuted with their single titled “Black Mamba.” Well, let’s find out more about aespa’s debut and every detail of it in this article!

aespa’s Debut in November 2020

aespa is one of the girl groups whose debut was awaited by many people, including fans who are loyal to K-pop groups that debut under SM Entertainment. It’s been a while since one of the biggest agencies in South Korea debuted a girl group.

Therefore, many people were anticipating the debut of aespa. SM Entertainment also gave a whole different concept and created something new with aespa’s debut. Let’s get to know more about the details of aespa’s debut rundown in the session below!

SM Entertainment Announced aespa’s Debut in November 2020

“SM Entertainment’s new girl group #aespa will debut this November. The name combines ‘æ’ which comes from ‘Avatar X Experience’ & ‘aspect.’ Various innovative activities will come with the theme ‘Experience a new world through meeting an ‘avatar’ with a side different from you,'” SM Entertainment wrote on their Twitter account.

aespa marked SM Entertainment’s first new girl group since Red Velvet’s debut in 2014 and the agency’s first new group overall since NCT’s debut in 2016.

aespa joined SM Entertainment’s lineup of other idol groups including BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, EXO, Red Velvet, and NCT. SM Entertainment revealed more information about the group and its members over the following weeks.

aespa’s Members and Their Avatars

SM Entertainment readied to debut a new four-member girl group, aespa. Recently, the agency that also houses Red Velvet and NCT made fans even more impatient while waiting for aespa’s debut by releasing a group teaser.

On November 13, 2020, SM Entertainment released a group teaser featuring the four aespa members, Winter, Karina, Ningning, and Giselle. Not only them but they also showed the four avatars of each member.

The four aespa members look beautiful in this teaser where they are dressed in the same clothes as the photos in the individual teaser. But, with them, there is a hidden figure in the teaser photo, which is none other than Naevis. In the aespa universe, Naevis is the one who connects the four members with their avatars.

The release of the new photo teaser featuring the four aespa members, of course, did not escape the attention of netizens in the online community site Theqoo. They also commented on Karina’s debut teaser and friends.

“Even if we live in the 21st century, I can’t understand this haha. I don’t think I’ll be addicted to them. Is this really going to work? I think it will work maybe in 3-4 years…” commented a netizen. “They are really good at finding ways to make you curious from the start,” said another netizen.

“I feel like this will be a part of their dark past, but it definitely manages to attract people’s attention,” said a netizen. “I like the concept of Avatar, and all the members are beautiful. Such a unique concept is interesting to me,” another commented.

“When there’s talk about how this group might fail, it means they’ve gathered a core fandom. In the future, I’m sure they will explode among the general public, too, hehehe,” said a netizen. “I’m very curious about them, hehe. Will SM be able to make it big in the end?” added another.

aespa’s Individual Debut Teasers

The debut series of K-pop groups certainly have many schedules and events. aespa also got many opportunities to introduce their new concept to the public starting from their debut concept, group names, and introducing their members which became the main attention point and were eagerly awaited by their fans.

aespa has 4 original members, and every member really has a powerful background since they are well-trained under SM Entertainment. Well, let’s get to know aespa’s members more through their individual debut teaser pictures for their debut with “Black Mamba!”

On October 26, 2020, SM Entertainment announced that they would be debuting a new girl group called aespa in November 2020. The day after, the agency introduced the first member of aespa named Winter.

There are four photos of Winter that SM Entertainment released on October 27, 2002, at midnight local time. In these photos, Winter looks beautiful with long blonde and blue ombre hair.

These Winter debut teaser photos also made many people wonder about what concept aespa would carry in the future. Fans speculated that this girl group would carry a fantasy concept which can be seen from Winter’s photos that seem dreamy.

The release of these debut teaser photos did not escape the attention of netizens. They flocked to comment on the beautiful aespa member.

“Impossible… Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter,” commented netizens. “Apart from that, wasn’t the name of the group announced today? They immediately revealed the members. Very fast,” said another netizen. “Wow, it’s amazing how SM carries this concept,” said another.

“She looks like an actress,” a netizen said. “But isn’t this something that comes out every time a rookie debuts? You don’t have to worry about that. Beautiful girl: SM,” another commented. “She doesn’t look like SM?” added another.

October 27, 2020, SM Entertainment introduced the first member of aespa, Winter. The second member, Karina, was revealed to the public. If Winter was introduced with blonde and blue hair, Karina appeared with black hair.

In the teaser photo, Karina looks elegant and charming with her black hair color. Many fans have known Karina whose real name is Yoo Jimin, and she was born on April 11, 2000.

Karina was suspected of being the oldest SM Entertainment trainee and the strongest candidate for leadership. Before officially debuting, Karina had appeared in SHINee’s Taemin‘s music video.

In the teaser photo, Karina also appears in the same fantasy land as depicted in Winter’s teaser. Karina is surrounded by very smooth and glowing CGI leaves.

The teasers of all aespa’s members will use the same theme, including the last photo which gives a more mature impression with the glow of neon lights.

SM Entertainment some time ago surprised fans by announcing that it would debut a new girl group called aespa. The agencies took turns announcing the members. So far, we have gone through 2 members who have been introduced by SM Entertainment, namely Winter and Karina.

On October 29, 2020, the agency again revealed the third aespa member. As many people suspected, the 3rd member of this girl group is Ningning. Fans who follow the updates about SM Entertainment’s girl group may have already been familiar with one of the trainees named Ningning.

Ningning was introduced for the first time as part of SM Rookies with another trainee, Yiyang. However, Yiyang left the agency while Ningning stayed and underwent training for at least 4 years.

Ningning is a member from China. This beautiful girl born in 2002 mastered vocal skills. aespa itself is currently getting a lot of support because there are many fans who are excited about the new SM Entertainment girl group.

On October 30, 2020, the agency again revealed the 4th member of aespa. The fourth and possibly final member of SM Entertainment’s new girl group was introduced as Giselle. With her beautiful brown hair, wide eyes, and sharp facial features, Giselle is simply stunning.

Fans are already saying that her visual looks like a mix between Krystal Jung and Girls’ Generation’s Yuri. Like the other members, Giselle is depicted in a fantasy world with a mystical purple and pink vibe. The electronically lit flowers and trees are now considered to represent the unique virtual avatar world concept of aespa.

Giselle herself is known to be Japanese or Korean-Japanese. This makes her the second international member of aespa with Ningning from China. Giselle studied at an international school in Japan and is therefore believed to be fluent in English as well as Japanese and Korean.

Giselle whose real name is Aeri Uchinaga was born in 2001, making her around 19 years old and a part of the group’s unnie line. She was an alto in the choir for four years and is said to have exceptional vocal abilities.

However, she is also rumored to be a rapper in the group. So, she can be a part of the rap and vocal line in aespa. But, what impresses most about Giselle is her short training period.

According to reports, she joined SM Entertainment less than a year ago. Although it was said that she trained independently before joining the company, her debuting so soon after becoming a trainee was definitely a miracle.