About ‘Introvert Boss’ Supporting Actress Ye Ji-won: Profile, Movies, and Drama List

Ye Ji-won

Do You Want to Know About Ye Ji-won?

Ye Ji-won is an South Korean actress who was born on February 1, 1973. Actress Ye Ji-won is known for playing in the sitcom Old Miss Dairy and she is becmoning increasingly known for playing in films directed by Hong Sang-soo, such as the films Turning Gate and Ha Ha Ha.

The actress studied at the Institute of the Arts, with a major in Broadcasting, before she began her career in acting.

Ye Ji-won

Ye Ji-won debuted in 1992. Four years after later,  in 1996, she starred in her first film, Mulberry, in the role of An-hyeop. It was several years later yet, that she took her first role in a drama. In 2000,  she played Yoon Jung-hee in the show Though Guy’s Love.

Not only has she worked in dramas and film,  in 2008 she was also part of a theater production of The Rocky Horror Show. 

Ye Ji-won was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress award at the 10th Chunsa Film Art Awards in 2002, for her work in On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate. 

Ye Ji-won

Her name became increasingly well-known to the public when she acted in the drama Old Miss Diary (2004) and also the Old Miss Diary – Movie (2006), and she won three awards for starring in the drama and film.

Ye Ji-won

She won a Netizen Popularity Award at the KBS Entertainment Awards in 2005, and took Best Actress awards both at the 8th Busan Film Critics Awards and the 44th Grand Bell Awards in 2007.

In 2018 she’s worked in the dramas, We Kiss First, Still 17, and The Beauty Inside (as herself or cameo in episode 1).

Ye Ji-won in the Drama Introverted Boss!

Ye Ji-won

Who doesn’t know the drama Introverted Boss? The drama, starring actors Yeon Woo-jin and actress Park Hye-soo, was released in 2016 and this romantic comedy was broadcast on tvN channels every Monday and Tuesday. The drama tells the story of an introverted man who tried to change because he had lost everything due to his personality.

Ye Ji-won

Ye Ji-won plays the role as Dang Yoo-hee. In this drama, she’s again paired with Kim Ji-seok, who she worked with previously, in the drama in Another Miss Oh or Another Oh Hae-young (2016).

Ye Ji-won

Ye Ji-won, or better known as Dang Yoo-hee, was paired with Kim Ji-seok in one episode of the drama. Dang Yoo-hee introduced Kim Ji-seok as her husband to the silent monster crew. Kim Ji-suk is jealous of Eun Hwan-gi, because her two children want Hwan-gi to be their father.

Ye Ji-won
Ye Ji-won

Ye Ji-won and Kim Ji-suk played their roles well, and have deep and natural chemistry between them, which probably has a lot to do with how they got paired again for this show. So many fans immediately remembered how great they were together in Another Miss Oh.

Ye Ji-won

In Introverted Boss, the pair play an established married couple who are clearly in love.  It’s somewhat of a departure from their previous work together in Another Miss Oh. In that drama, Ye Ji-won played Park Soo-kyung, who was accidentally impregnated by Kim Ji-suk’s character, Lee Jin-sang. Although in the end, Lee Jin-sang took responsibility for Park Soo-kyung’s pregnancy, their relationship turned out to be more sibling-like than romantic, and fans were very happy to see the actors playing together in romantic roles the second time around.

Ye Ji-won

Ye Ji-won’s Drama and Movie List

Here’s the list of all Ye ji-won’s drama and film titles from the beginning of her career to the present.

Ye Ji-won’s movie list:

  • Mulberry (1996), as An-hyeop
  • Anarchists (2000), as Fumiko Kaneko
  • Lovers (2000)
  • On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate (2002), as Myung-sook
  • 2424 (2002), as Jo Kwang-ja
  • The First Amendment of Korea (2003), as Go Eun-bi
  • Father’s Secret (2003), as Yoo-jung
  • So Cute (2004), as Soon-yi
  • Old Miss Diary – Movie (2006), as Choi Mi-ja
  • Meet Mr. Daddy (2007), as Ha Seon-young
  • Femme Fatal (2007), as Ji-won
  • What Happened Last Night? (2008), as Yoo-jin
  • Boy Meets Boy (short movie) (2008), as Fairy (cupid)
  • After the Banquet (telecinema) (2009), as Lee Yoo-ri
  • Ha Ha Ha (2010), as Ahn Yeon-joo
  •  Hanji (2011), as Hyo-kyung
  •  The Kick (2011), as Yu Mi-ja
  • The Heaven is Only Open to the Single! (2012), as Movie Director’s Girlfriend (cameo)
  • The Winter of the Year Was Warm (2012), as Yoo-jung
  • Nobody’s Daughter Haewon (2013), as Yeon-joo
  • Boomerang Family (2013), as Han Soo-ja
  • Our Sunhi (2013), as Joo-hyun
  • Invitation (2014), as Jang Hyun-jae
  • Revivre (2015), as Dance Master (cameo)

Ye Ji-won’s drama list :

  • Tough Guy’s Love (2000), as Yoon Jung-hee on KBS2
  • Juliet’s Man (2000), as Chae-rin on SBS
  • Girls’ High School Days (2001), as Ye Ji-won on SBS
  • Bad Girls (2002), as Oh Jung-hwa on SBS
  • Old Miss Dairy (2004), as Choi Mi-ja on KBS2
  • Evasive Inquiry Agency (2004), as Jung Hee-kyung on KBS2
  • More Charming by the Day (2010), as Im Ji-won on MBC
  • Tasty Life (2012), as Oh Jin-joo on SBS
  • Dating Agency: Cryano (2013), as Lee Hae-shim (guest, episode 10-12) on tvN
  • Drama Special “Chagall’s Birthday (2013), as Eun-ha on KBS2
  • Naeil’s Cantabile (2014), as Song Mi-na on KBS2
  • The Producers (2015), as Go Yang-mi on KBS2
  • Page Turner (2016,) as Yoo-seul’s mother on KBS2
  • Another Oh Hae-young (2016) as Park Soo-kyung on tvN
  • Listen to Love (2016), as Eun Ah-ra on JTBC
  • Introverted Boss (2017), as Dang Yoo-hee on tvN
  • Should We Kiss First (2018), as Lee Mi-ra on SBS
  • Still 17 (2018,) as Jennifer on SBS
  • The Beauty Inside (2018), as Herself (Cameo episode 1)  on JTBC