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Everything You Should Know About A Beautiful Actress With A Myriad Of Talents, Who Never Ages: Son Ye-jin

South Korean actress Son Ye-jin was born with the name Son Eon-jin on January 11, 1982, in Suseong District, Daegu, South Korea. Her acting skills in different genres made her popular in Korea and other Asian countries. In 2000, she made her acting debut in a film called ‘Secret Tears’ which made her popularity begin to rise. Since then, she has appeared more often in drama series and television movies geared toward romance, and has won many awards that reflect her extraordinary acting ability.

She continued her career by acting in the main roles in television dramas such as “Delicious Proposal”. Her role with her first high-profile project was the film by Im Kwon-taek entitled “Chi-hwa-seon”, which was screened at Cannes and took home the Best Director award in 2002. The biggest successes of her early career were in the films “Lovers’ Concerto” and “The Classic”. Both were solid, mid-level hits in Korea, and the film “The Classic”, in particular, gained wide fame in countries such as Hong Kong and China, thus launching Son Ye-jin to become a pan-asian star.

Rarely on variety shows, at the end of 2019, actress Son Ye-jin appeared on the program “Master in the House”. In this program, Son Ye-jin was a special guest star at ‘Master in the House’. She, along with Lee Sang-yoon, Lee Seung-gi, Yang Se-hyung, and BTOB’s Yook Sung-jae made plans for a special event celebrating the first anniversary of the SBS variety program. What is Son Ye-jin’s daily life shown as in SBS’s “Master in the House” program?

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you about the beautiful actress Son Ye-jin and her appearances in the SBS Program “Master in the House”. So, stay tuned!

About The Show


‘Master in the House’ (Korean: 집사 부 일체, Read: Jibsabu-ilche) is a South Korean TV show that has a unique concept. Also known as ‘All the Butlers’, the cast of this program is required to follow the daily routine of the guest stars present. In this variety show starring Lee Seung-gi, Yook Sung-jae, Yang Se-hyung, and Lee Sang-yoon. After serving for two years, ‘Master in the House’ officially added Shin Sung-rok to become a permanent member at the beginning of 2020. What is unique about this program is their concept of presenting guest stars who will act as employers, while the program members serve as servants.

This program started airing on December 31 2017, every Sunday at 18:20 KST. The cast of this program is:

  • Lee Seung-gi
  • Lee Sang-yoon
  • Yang Se-hyung
  • Yook Sung-jae (BtoB)
  • Shin Sung-rok (Officially added on early 2020)

Son Ye-jin is A Fan Of SBS’s ‘Master in the House’


On episode 46 of the show, Son Ye-jin surprised the members by arriving and carrying a cake. In episode 46, Son Ye-jin was one of the surprises prepared by the production team without notifying the four members, who looked very surprised. They were celebrating their first year of broadcasting SBS ‘Master in the House’, which had been airing since the end of December 2017.

To get the prize, the four hosts of ‘Master in the House’ were asked to head to a mysterious house. On the way to the house, Lee Seung-gi and the other members were overcome with nervous feelings. When they entered the house, they were very surprised because Son Ye-jin suddenly walked in holding a cake.

Son Ye-jin congratulated them on the one-year anniversary of ‘Master in the House’. “Nice to meet you. Congratulations ‘Master in the House’ is one year old,” said Son Ye-jin. The four members of the show were embarrassed because they had to deal with Son Ye-jin, while the actress said that she enjoyed the program, and this was the first thing for her to film at her home.

Unfortunately, being together with Son Ye-jin was only temporary, because Lee Seung-gi, Yang Se-hyung, Yook Sung-jae, and Lee Sang-hyun had to meet their real master.

Son Ye-jin Shows The Cast of ‘Master in the House’ Exercises To Build Her Flat Stomach Through Pilates


In ‘Master in the House’ episode 46, this beautiful actress also showed where she used to do gym sports. She said that she had been exercising for 10 years at the venue. Then, she showed the secret of maintaining her flat stomach, namely by doing TRX sports movements.

We do pilates, but today, Son Ye-jin will do a sport called TRX,” her coach said. Turns out, Son Ye-jin isn’t just exercising. She also has a license from this TRX sport. That’s why when demonstrating the TRX movements, she looked very skilled.

TRX makes you burn all the fat in the body,” said Son Ye-jin while demonstrating the TRX movements.

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