Check Out Actress Seo Woo Guest Starring on ‘Running Man’!

Cooking Battle

Seo Woo

kissasian.shThe cooking battle finally began. Each team had to use their own ingredients and Kimchi, and make the dish using the main theme ingredient within 100 minutes. The team that made the most delicious dish would win the battle. The judges were four handsome and young chefs. They specialized in Italian cuisine, European cuisine, fusion Korean cuisine, and Thai cuisine respectively.

Seo Woo and Kim Jong-kook planned to make healthy dishes. They would make several dishes using cockles, namely shiitake cakes, spicy cockles, cockles bibimbap, cockles stuffed cucumber, and a secret dish.

Kim Jong-kook cleaned the cockles by opening the cockles and washing them one by one. Seo Woo then nagged him saying that it would take him too much time and suggested to open all the cockles then wash them. She then asked him to clean the cockles somewhere else because he was getting in the way.

When cutting kimchi, Seo Woo showed her good knife technique. Meanwhile, Kim Jong-kook was still cleaning the cockles. She nagged Kim Jong-kook for taking too much time cleaning the cockles.

Seo Woo continued her cooking as she had five different dishes preparing at the same time. She made cucumbers with steamed cockles and seasoned soy sauce. Their main dish consisted of abalone, octopus, other seafood and fragrant veggies. Ten minutes before the time was up, Seo Woo and Kim Jong-kook were putting finishing touches to their final dish.

It was time for the judges to assess their dishes. Seo Woo and Kim Jong-kook introduced their five-course cockle meal to the judges. Seo Woo explained the dishes well and impressed the judges. They received a lot of compliments from the judges and there were no negative comments.

After tasting all the dishes made by all the teams, the judges announced the results. In the seventh place were Yoo Jae-suk and Yeon Jung-hoon. In the sixth place were Ji Seok-jin and Yoo Sun, the fifth and the fourth place were Song Ji-hyo and Ok Tae-yeon, and Kang Gary and Kim Sung-ryung. Haha and Shoo were in the third place. There were only Lee Kwang-soo and Fei’s team and Kim Jong-kook and Seo Woo’s team left. And the winner was Kim Jong-kook and Seo Woo’s team. They received a gold knife and a cutting board as the winning prize.

So, these were some of Seo Woo’s interesting and notable moments in Running Man. Which one do you think is the most interesting moment?