Get To Know the ‘Our Beloved Summer’ Actress Roh Jeong-eui: Profile, Facts, and Drama List

roh jeong eui

The Young and Talented Actress Roh Jeong-eui

Our Beloved Summer is one of the famous comedy romantic series from SBS that also aired on Netflix. With a fresh and interesting plot, many people became attracted to the series as well as the characters.

One of the popular characters is NJ, a top star who develops feelings toward the male lead character in Our Beloved Summer. The NJ character is played by the young and talented actress Roh Jeong-eui who gained her fame after starring in many dramas such as Kill It, 18 Again, and more. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about Roh Jeong-eui, so keep on reading!

Full Profile of Roh Jeong-eui

roh jeong eui

Birth Name: Roh Jeong-eui / No Jeong-ee (노정의)

Stage Name: Roh Jeong-eui

Birth: Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, July 31, 2001

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 43,8 kg

Blood Type: O

Occupation: Actress

Label: Namoo Actors

Years Active: 2011 – present

Instagram: jeongeuiyam

Fancafe: jungui

Don’t Miss These Fun Facts About Roh Jeong-eui

roh jeong eui
  • Roh Jeong-eui’s family consists of parents, an older sister, a brother-in-law, and a nephew.
  • She wished to have a younger sibling, but she doesn’t have any.
  • Roh Jeong-eui loves to visit her nephew once a week.
  • Roh Jeong-eui’s brother-in-law is Kim Jin-hyung, a Korean basketball player.
  • She attended Sanwoon Elementary School, Unjung Middle School, Unjung High School, and Hanyang University.
  • She studied in the Department of Theatre and Film at Hanyang University.
  • Roh Jeong-eui loves to watch scary movies.
  • Roh Jeong-eui’s MBTI type is ISFJ.
  • Her religious belief is Protestantism.
  • Roh Jeong-eui made her big-screen debut through the movie I Am a Dad.

Roh Jeong-eui’s Drama and Movie List

roh jeong eui


Year Title Role
2011 Dream High 2 Shin Hae-poong
2012 Operation Proposal Hahm Ee-seul
2012 Cheer Up, Mr. Kim! Nam Song-ah
2013 The Eldest Lee Ji-sook
2014 Drama Special- Pretty! Oh Man-bok Kwon Ha-eun
2017 Live Up to Your Name, Dr. Hero Oh Ha-ra
2019 The Great Show Han Da-jung
2020 18 Again Hong Shi-ah
2021 Our Beloved Summer NJ



Year Title Role
2011 I Am a Dad Na Ye-seul
2015 The Phone Go Kyung-rim
2016 Phantom Detective Dong-i
2016 Fantasy of the Girls Sun-hwa
2019 A Haunting Hitchhike Jeong-ae
2020 Everyone Is There Soo-yeon / Jung Yeon
2020 The Day I Died: Unclosed Case Seo-jin

Her First Leading Role in The Great Show

the great show

Through the drama The Great Show, Roh Jeong-eui got her first leading role as Han Da-jung. The drama itself depicts a story about a former politician named Wi Dae-han (Song Seung-heon) who takes in a young girl and her 3 siblings when their mother dies. All of them cooperate and grow as a family while putting on a “great show” to make Dae-han a politician again.

roh jeong eui in the great show

In the drama, Roh Jeong-eui’s character, Han Da-jung, is a teenage girl who has 3 siblings. She initially claims that Wi Dae-han is their father after he had a one-night stand with their mother.

Her Breakthrough Appearance in 18 Again

18 again

Roh Jeong-eui’s name became even more popular after her role in 18 Again. The drama tells the story of Jung Da-jung (Kim Ha-neul) and Hong Dae-young (Yoon Sang-hyun), a married couple who have fraternal twins, Hong Shi-ah (Roh Jeong-eui) and Hong Shi-uh (Ryeoun).

They used to live a happy life until Da-jung filed for divorce from Dae-young, and their child starts to ignore them. One day, Dae-young hopes that he can turn back time, and suddenly, he moves to the body that he had when he was 18 years old. While trying to adapt to his new life, Da-young transforms into an 18-year-old student named Ko U-yeong.

roh jeong eui in 18 again

He eventually learns that his child, Hong Shi-ah, works in a convenience store without him knowing. Meanwhile, Hong Shi-uh is bullied by a basketball captain at the school, Goo Ja-sung (Hwang In-yeop).

Her Appearance in Our Beloved Summer

our beloved summer

Another hit appearance from Roh Jeong-eui is marked through the drama Our Beloved Summer. The drama tells about the love-hate relationship between Choi Ung (Choi Woo-shik) and Kook Yeon-seo (Kim Da-mi) while they were in high school. They used to hate each other but end up catching feelings respectively.

roh jeong eui in our beloved summer

A few years later, they reunite after a documentary film that they filmed in high school goes viral. After the reunion, their feelings from the past somehow spark again. In Our Beloved Summer, Roh Jeong-eui plays the role of NJ, a top idol who is also Choi Ung’s friend. She has a secret crush on him without Choi Ung knowing.

That’s everything about the young actress Roh Jeong-eui! She has proven her hard work through various supporting roles to leading roles until she achieved her current state. We will be looking forward to her next acting project in the future! What do you guys think of Roh Jeong-eui? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and you can also share this article on your social media!