Everything About ‘Descendants of the Sun’ Actress Park Hwan-hee: Profile, Marriage, Instagram, Drama, and More!

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Park Hwan-hee

Due to her rising popularity that came from her role in Descendants of The Sun (2016), Park Hwan-hee’s personal life also rose to public awareness, and a number of people were shocked by what they learned.

Park Hwan-hee is actually a divorcee and a mother. She married rapper Bill Stax (previously known as Vasco) in July, 2011. At the time, she was 23 years-old and already pregnant. She gave birth to a baby boy named Shin Seop in January, 2012. She and Bill Stax lived together for 15 months before divorcing in December, 2012, due to personality conflicts. Bill Stax took custody of their son and got a lot of sympathy from the general public for his position as a single father. He also brought his son and his story into the famous rap in “Show Me The Money”, which was moving a lot of people.

In September, 2018, Bill Stax was revealed to have been smoking marijuana since around May, 2015. Park Hwan-hee then took custody of their son and started to speak about him publicly. Some netizens congratulated her while others criticized her for never having shared any pictures of him and remaining silent about him prior to that.

Park Hwan-hee

Bill Stax’s current girlfriend, Ms. Lee, shared a post targeting Park Hwan-hee and she seemed to be fighting back for the custody of their son. The post read:

“Everyone, you might’ve thought I only had one son, Lucy, but I actually have three sons. The oldest son Dong-yeol (Bill Stax), the second Hyung Seop, and maknae Lucy.

Oh yeah, and someone said Hyung Seop hates taking pictures? You only saw Hyung Seop several times, so why are you speaking nonsense? I have a lot to lose and I’m honest so I hate liars. Anyway, Dong-yeol is the best dad no matter what they say. Waiting my love.”

She also hashtagged “He’s my Dong Yeol. I’m going to get at you if you bother him. I’m the head of our house.”

Dating Rumors with SHINee’s Onew

Park Hwan-hee

Park Hwa-hee and SHINee’s Onew were a co-stars in the drama Descendants of The Sun (2016). SHINee’s Onew acted as Lee Chi-hoon, the 1st year resident of Thoracic Surgery and part of Haesung Hospital Medical Services Team along with Choi Min-ji (portrayed by Park Hwan-hee), the nurse on the same team. The two reportedly become very close during filming.

The rumors were started by Japanese fans and spread through online communities. It all started when SHINee’s Onew and Park Hwan-hee were spotted going out to cafes together. The actress was also seen attending his concerts. More speculations arose when Instagram updates showed the two together. Park Hwan-hee was also seen liking SHINee’s fan art photos. On the other hand, SHINee’s Onew was discovered to have followed Park Hwan-hee’s private Instagram account.

Furthermore, Roseberry, who is a close friend of the actress, has worked with SHINee’s Onew in the past and has started attending church with them last year. Because of so many coincidental facts, the rumor gained traction quickly. However, many of Onew’s fans believe that the two were simply close friends. Neither Onew nor SM Entertainment have offered a response to the speculations.


Park Hwan-hee is active in updating posts in her personal Instagram account @phh1013. She posted her first post on February 7, 2018. By May 3, 2019, she has 436k followers and has posted 186 times. Her latest update is a picture of herself during her first trip to Europe.

Some of her Instagram posts are below:

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On January 22, 2019, Park Hwan-hee shared a photo of her son holding a birthday cake. The message on the birthday cake said: “Son, I support your 8th year! I love you. Our Seop-ee. Thank you for being born as my son. Happy Birthday.” In the post, she also wrote: “A good son who visits mom’s dream everyday.”