All About “Cinderella’s Stepsister” Main Actress Moon Geun-young (Profile, Height, Movies, TV Shows, etc)

Moon Geun-young’s Issue of Relationship

Moon Geun Young-

Moon Geun-young is currently single after she broke up with her actor boyfriend, Kim Ki Bum. Moon Geun-young dated her fellow actor, Kim Bum, in 2013. The relationship lasted for 7 months and ended in 2014 which made Moon Geun-young feel lonely again. The relationship didn’t end badly so the both of them remained friends after that and their agency has confirmed this.

Moon Geun-young is Pregnant?

Having had dating and breaking up with Kim Bum, it turns out Moon Geun-young is depressed. This is because there is a rumor which say Moon Geun-young is pregnant with Kim Bum’s child. Of course, when she heard the rumor, this young former artist had panicked. Because, Moon Geun-young doesn’t want to disappoint her mother.

“When I heard and read about it, the first person present in my mind was my mother. I was worried that she would be disappointed,” Moon Geun-young said in an official statement received by Sindonews via One Channel. According to her, the rumor made this beautiful artist uncomfortable. Because, Moon Geun-young has never had a negative scandal.

“I am very uncomfortable because the news is not true. There is no point for me to discuss this. In the past, I never had negative news about myself,” she continued. Not only that, Moon Geun-young considered that the rumors would make her image bad. However, she doesn’t care about it because it is just a rumor.

Moon Geun-young’s Eternal Beauty

Moon Geun Young

Since childhood, Geun-Young has shown her extraordinary acting talent when she played small Yoon Eun-Suh (adult role played by Song Hye-Gyo) in the melancholy series Autumn In My Heart in 2000. After she turned 27, she transformed into an adult woman with challenging roles in the series Cinderella’s Step Sister, Goddess of Fire, and Cheongdamdong Alice. Moon Geun-Young’s fashion style became more stylish and mature until now.

Plastic Surgery? No!

Moon Geun-young

As time passes quickly, the little girl who plays Song Hye’s in drama Autumn In My Heart Gyodi turns 31 years old. Even so, it was quite amazing when Moon Geun-young’s beautiful face still looked the same from time to time. As you can see in childhood photo when she was in kindergarten until now, she still looks exactly the same right? This is also proof that Moon Geun-young is one of the celebrities who didn’t carry out of plastic surgery.

Moon Geun-young

Moon Geun-young is indeed known as a very talented actress. She is one of the top actresses known for her acting skills, not just as a beautiful face. In the past and now, Moon Geun-young’s smile is still charming and cute. Well, do you also agree if the face of this one actress hasn’t changed much even with age?