Everything You Need to Know About Korean Actress Lim Eun-kyung (Profile, Husband, Movies, and Drama List)


Get Closer with Korean Mysterious Girl, Lim Eun-kyung

Lim Eun-kyung or the Mysterious Girl (nickname given by her fans) is a South Korean actress and model. Lim Eun-kyung first rose to fame as the TTL Girl in a series of SK Telecom commercials. She then pursued a professional acting career. Lim Eun-kyung was born as an only child, and her family’s story was later published in 2006. She is also fluent in sign language.

Lim Eun-kyung debuted in 1999 as a model for SK Telecom when she was still in high school. Since then, she has become a famous cultural icon. She appeared in a series of TTL ads. Unfortunately, Resurrection of the Little Match Girl was a box office flop even though it received mixed reviews. Her acting was plain and not impressive. Both critics and audiences only considered her performance there as a replay of her image-oriented work in the former TTL commercials.

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Full Profile


Name: Lim Eun-kyung

Date of Birth: January 15, 1984

Age: 34 years old

Profession: Model and actress

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 39 kg

Blood Type: AB

Religion: Protestant

Zodiac: Capricorn

Education: Daewon Girls’ High School and Chung-Ang University (theater degree)

Hobbies: Collecting Barbie dolls and reading comics and fantasy novels

Languages: Korean and sign language

Love Life


On February 18, 2015, Lim Eun-kyung was rumored to be dating actor Lim Chang-Jung. They were rumored to be dating because of their acting in the film To Catch a Virgin Ghost in 2004 despite having an age difference of 11 years.

An insider revealed, “As far as I understand, Im Chang-jung and Lim Eun-kyung have been dating since midyear of 2014. After acting in the same movie, the relationship between the two has become tighter.

However, they both denied the rumors by stating that their relationship is limited to co-workers. There has been no official response from their agencies, but their fans are very supportive of the idea of them being a couple. And, until now, Lim Eun-kyung is not married.

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Drama List

1. Bodyguard (2003)


Bodyguard is the first drama starring Lim Eun-kyung as the main character. This drama was aired by KBS2 with a total of 22 episodes. In this drama, Lim Eun-kyung plays Na-Yeong, Cha Seung-Won as Hong Kyeong-Tak, and Han Go-Eun as Park Yu-Jin.

The drama tells about Kyung-tak being forced to resign from military service because of his boss’s fault. He then became unemployed and tried to make a living helping in his parents’ restaurant. As luck would have it, he saves Yu-jin’s escort client during his attempt to find a new job, causing him to be employed by a security company.

2. Rainbow Romance (2004)


After the success of the drama Bodyguard in 2003, in 2004, Lim Eun-kyung returned to playing in a drama as the main character. Rainbow Romance is the second drama starring Lim Eun-kyung, and this drama aired on MBC with a total of 243 episodes.