Get Closer to South Korean Actress Lee Tae-im (Profile, Husband, Plastic Surgery, and Diet)


Lee Tae-im is a South Korean actress, her first debut was on drama television is in My Life’s Golden Age. From there, she played a role as main character in Don’t Hestitate, and continued to act in other dramas. This beautiful actress was also cast in supporting roles in the films Days of Wrath and For the Emperor.

Lee Tae-im Profile


Name: Lee Tae-im
Hangul: 이태임
Birthdate: October 15, 1986 (age 31)
Birthplace: Ulsan, South Gyeongsang, South Korea
Education: Hanyang University – Theater and Film
Occupation: Actress
Years Active: 2007 – present

Lee Tae-im’s Husband

Lee Tae Im

Then actress Lee Tae-im has announced that she will retire in March.
News outlets then came out with the news that Lee Tae-im is pregnant and will get married. Lee Tae-im confirmed on her Instagram account later that day that she will get married to her husband who is 12 years older than her.

Lee Tae-im had been previously saying good-bye to fans as well as announce the happy news of her pregnancy. The station (SECTION TV) also discusses the type of husband that Lee Tae-im will be married to. From their investigation, it was revealed that the man who became the 31-year-old husband is an M&A experts, a person who is expert in collecting data about companies that are ready merged or acquired.

In an interview, Lee Tae-im mentioned that she wanted to marry a rich man because she is a woman who loved shopping. On the other hand, Lee Tae-im also paid a fine for breaking a contract with her agency before deciding to withdraw from the entertainment world. It could be the fans really have to wait a long time to see her appearance on the screen.

Lee Tae-im’s Instagram

Lee Tae Im

On March 19, 2018, Lee Tae-im uploaded a black-and-white photo of herself with a caption. The caption hints at her desire to retreat from the entertainment world.

“Hello everyone, this is Tae-im. The days of pain and difficulty has passed, I have decided to live the life of a civilian from now on. I will live without forgetting those who has given me lost of love. Thank you,” she wrote at the time.

The agency didn’t even know of Lee Tae-im plans. Soon after HENEM management said that Lee Tae-im will marry a senior who has been known to be 12 years her senior. At that time, she had been pregnant for 3 months.

Lee Tae-im’s Diet

Lee Tae Im

Recently, actress Lee Tae-im was deemed almost unrecognizable after she was snapped by the press at the Lucid Dream premiere. The actress has always has been known for her glamours figure, but her recent weight loss has given Lee Tae-im a completely different image. While she used to have a nice, round face, and a healthy curvy body, she now extremely has slim facial features and skinny legs, she has lost more than 6kg since starting her diet on September 2016.

Lee Tae-im’s weight transformation had become a consistent topic during her appearances on variety shows. On MBC‘s Video Star, she described how her strictest diet involved eating only three spoonfuls of rice a day. “I eat three spoons of rice for my diet,” said Lee Tae-im. She denied that her weight loss was due to an eating disorder, and it just simply a natural diet. Then Lee Tae-im explained that she wanted to lose weight so she could appear beautiful on screen as an actress.

Lee Tae-im’s Plastic Surgery

Lee Tae Im

Though confident when revealing her diet menu, Lee Tae-im reaped a lot of negative remarks due to her face. Her face looks more thin, netizens are very sure that she has been getting plastic surgery on her face by cutting a part of the jaw. Seeing the change in Lee Tae-im’s face, fans and also netizen felt disapointed.

“Well it’s clear she cut her jaw, her face now became more strange and unbalanced,” commented netter. “It really looks different, her face looks so small, why she cut her jaw,” added another. “Tae-im cut her jaw too much, looks like she has no jaw,” continued the other.

Looks like fans are disjointed with Lee Tae-im’s latest appearance, do you prefer the newest of Lee Tae-im or the older one?