‘Boys Before Flower’ Supporting Actress Kim So-eun’s Death Rumor, Is It True Or Not?


Rising Actress Kim So-eun

Kim So-eun became well known after acting in the popular Korean drama series Boys over Flowers in 2009 as Chu Ga-eul. Even though she was a supporting role as the best friend, So Eun’s acting still caught the attention of viewers and her popularity started to rise. She was offered many roles in dramas and even some movies afterward.

The actress who was born on September 6, 1989, was also a national athletic skier since a young age. So-eun’s step into the entertainment world began when she was scouted as a professional model in 2003 at an advanced junior skiing and snowboarding competition in Pyeongchang.

So-eun endorsed some products including Clear & Clear, Samsung Anycall, Pocari Sweat, KTF Telecom, and more. She also modeled for many magazines like High Cut, Allure Korea, Vogue Korea, InStyle Korea, Elle Girl Korea, CeCi, Harper Bazaar, Nylon Korea, and other popular magazines.

Kim So-eun’s Death Rumors?!


As we know, as a tree grows and gets bigger, more winds will blow strongly on it to try to make is fall. this is a parable stating that as someone becomes more successful, more people will try to bring them down. This is the case with Kim So-eun.

A few years ago, there was some shocking news stating that Kim So-eun had passed away. There was no further information regarding the reason behind her death at all. Many people, especially her fans, were really shocked by the news. They tried to find some evidence, but there were no results about it even in big news articles or TV shows.

After some time, fans finally noticed there was something weird and wrong with the news article. There were some irregularities such as no news about it on TV or any other related articles about Kim So-eun’s death. Fans claimed that the news was fake and not true at all since her agency didn’t make any clarifications yet.


After a few days, fans found relief after her agency finally releasing an official statement about the rumors. The company said that it wasn’t true at all, and Kim So-eun was still alive and healthy.

In the same year, 2014, of the rumor, Kim So-eun appeared in a drama and even acted in 2 films! Her fans were really happy to see their role model returning to the entertainment world after the false rumor. And, this year, So-eun has appeared in the drama That Man Oh Soo and the film Are You in Love? as So-jeong.

Working in the entertainment world is not as fun as we think. There are always a lot of problems, and some people will always try to bring others down. It is important to have patience and courage to fight against the negatives until they slowly drift off and finally disappear. Keep thinking positively. Hwaiting!