Is Ha Ji-won Dating? Here Is What You Must Know About Actress Ha Ji-won’s Love Life!

Ha Ji-won Rumors involving Dating Other Celebrities

Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji-won had previously also been rumored to be dating actor Jin Yi-Han, but Jin Yi-Han denied that rumor. At that time Jin Yi-Han and Ha Ji-won played as Tal Tal and Ki Seung-nyang, in an MBC drama. However, Jin Yi-han and Ha Ji-won’s chemistry seemed unusual, so fans were suspicious of their relationship.

Fortunately Jin Yi-han immediately clarified this through a interview with TV Report. He himself claimed to have been surprised, and did not know why the keyword he was dating with Ha Ji-won would occupy top searches. “But that’s not true,” he clarified.

Jin Yi-han and Ha Ji-won were the same age. Maybe because of that, they became familiar quickly, and often talked together about the scenes to be played. This might be why  people suspect their closeness on the set. Shooting for the drama is over, but they still keep in touch through Kakao Talk, according to Jin Yi-han .

That is about it for the latest dating rumors about Ha Ji-won. Let’s hope Ha Ji-won find the right person!