Is Ha Ji-won Dating? Here Is What You Must Know About Actress Ha Ji-won’s Love Life!

Ha Ji Won

The Beautiful Korean Actress Ha Ji-won

Questions of dating among celebrities, especially actors and actresses, often color the world of South Korean entertainment. One of those questions involves the beautiful actress Ha Ji Won, who can’t get away from dating rumors. As an actress, of course, Ha Ji-won is used to that, but who has this beautiful actress been rumored to be dating?

Is Ha Ji-won Dating Chen Bo-lin?

Ha Ji Won

This isn’t the first time Ha Ji-won has come forward to address dating rumors between herself and Chen Bo Lin, the virtual ex-husband of actress Song Ji-hyo on the Chinese version of We Got Married. Once again, Ha Ji-won has stated that she and Chen Bo-lin were not dating. In an interview on her film Risking life for Love, Ha Ji-won alluded to rumors that she was dating her opposite male actor, Chen Bo-lin.

Rumors developed because they uploaded several similar photos on their social media accounts, which is often interpreted as one type of secret communication among celebrity couples. When asked if things became awkward between them after the rumors emerged, Ha Ji-won said it was no such thing.

She said, “I’m a relaxed person, and Chen Bo-lin is also a cheerful type, so we just laugh at him. That is a misunderstanding that occurs because we like the same poses and things like that.”

The actress also said that she got along well with the Taiwanese actor, they when they were shooting. She said, “We mostly communicate in English, but sometimes we also use Korean. Chen Bo-lin is very enthusiastic about learning languages. He even asked me to teach him. I told him to tell me what he had learned. Because he liked Korean food, he said, ‘I like sesame oil’. He is also always looking for a good place to eat.”

Four Reasons Why Rumors Ha Ji Won and Chen Bo-lin Began

Korean artist, Ha Ji-won and the Taiwanese actor, Chen Bo-lin, have denied rumors that they are dating, but how did those rumors even begin? There are several things that made the rumors spread.

1. Both of them uploaded several similar photos on a social media account at the same time. The pictures show each of them winking with a cat, a photo of Gustav Klimt’s famous painting “The Kiss”, and some star-filled skies at night. Uploading similar photos on social media is sometimes a code for communicating with one another.

Accidental? That’s what each of their representatives said. “Photographs of Ha Ji-won uploaded have nothing to do with Chen Bo-lin,” said a statement by Chen Bo-lin’s agency.

2. Ha Ji-won’s agency said the same thing, although both actors use the same agency in Korea. Chen Bo-lin signed a contract with Ha Ji-won’s management company, BM + Entertainment. “Both are not dating,” BM + Entertainment said.

3. Ha Ji-won is currently starring in the drama The Time I Loved You, along with Lee Jin-wook. The drama is about old friends who cant ever find the right match, because they secretly are love with each other. The Time I Loved You is based on the Taiwanese series In Time With You, starring Chen Bo-lin and Ariel Lin. He won the Best Leading Actor Award for his role in the drama.

4. Some news media reported that the agency acknowledged that the two didn’t even know each other, but there was still a possibility that they would appear in the Korean-Chinese film that was the same as Risking Life For Love. They were even photographed together when talking about the film when it was first known to the public, and the picture appeared in the Chinese news portal, Baidu. The film is also about old friends who become lovers.