Are You Curious about ‘The Penthouse’ Actress, Choi Ye-bin? Here are Information about Her!

Choi Ye-bin Profile

Let’s Talk About Choi Ye-bin!

At the end of 2020, we all know that there was a Korean drama that was really popular and gained high ratings; the drama is titled The Penthouse: War in Life. This drama made her name and her career rise to the stars, and this is her golden debut. Surely, you are curious about Choi Ye-bin and her profile. Therefore, in this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with all the details about Choi Ye-bin and her profile. Keep on reading this article!

Choi Ye-bin’s Profile

Choi Ye-bin Profile

Name: Choi Ye-bin (최예빈)

Birthday: September 22nd, 1998

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 51 kg

Zodiac: Virgo

Chinese Zodiac: Tiger

Occupation: Actress

Debut: 2020

Blood Type: –

Education: Korean National University of Arts (major in Acting and Arts History)

Agency: J.Wide Company

Specialties: Riding bicycle, Suljanggoo dancing

Hobby: Figure Skating

Instagram: @yebin__

Choi Ye-bin Debut in The Penthouse

Choi Ye-bin The Penthouse

Choi Ye-bin started her career in the popular drama The Penthouse. It is a South Korean drama that aired on SBS TV starting from October 26th, 2020 to January 5th, 2021. This drama tells about elite families in South Korea who live in a penthouse with various social backgrounds. Each of them is really ambitious and wants to reach the peak of wealth, social status; however, there is also a lot of mystery and revenge.

Choi Ye-bin drama

Choi Ye-bin got her first role as the supporting role, namely Ha Eun-byeol. The character is Seo Jin and Yoon Chul’s daughter and her family is very rich and she gets everything that she wants, but she feels uncomfortable because she is always compared to her classmate from a lower class, namely Bae Ro-na, so she always gets mad at her.

Because of this, Choi Ye-bin acts with full totality to be able to live up to her role. But, it turns out, her acting got negative comments from the netizens. She was especially criticized about her expression when she gets angry when challenged by Bae Ro-na. Her eyes would always bug up and her nostrils would flare up. Do you wanna see her acting in this scene? Here it is!

Choi Ye-bin’s Appearances in The Penthouse Season 2

Choi Ye-bin drama penthouse

After The Penthouse Season 1 ended on January 5th, 2021, the drama immediately continued with a sequel that went on the air on February 19th, 2021. In this season, Cheon Seo-jin and Joo Dan-tae are getting married and prepare for the wedding, but their teenage children feel unhappy about that.

Choi Ye-bin still plays the same role as before, that is as Han Eun-byeol. Previously, we all know that even though Choi Ye-bin succeeded in her debut, she was still criticized for her acting because it was thought to be too exaggerated. But the difference now is, for this season, she has developed and improved her acting skills.

Her character in this season is also looking mature, and quite calm, although still wicked and always wants to take revenge on Bae Ro-na. From this, we can see that she has been able to hone her acting skills!

Choi Ye-bin drama penthouse

Let’s Take a Peek at Choi Ye-bin and Kim Young-dae’s Moments

Choi Ye-bin drama

In The Penthouse Season 2, Choi Ye-bin loves Kim Young-dae (as Joo Seok-hoon) but her love is unrequited. Despite the fact that her love is unrequited, there is a romantic scene between the two that occurs in the drama.

This scene is when Joo Seok-hoon pretends to love Ha Eun-byeol just to take revenge for Bae Ro-na’s death. In that scene, Seok-hoon wants to kiss Ha Eun-byeol, but in a video behind the scene, they look so close and enjoy the shooting process.

Choi Ye-bin looks embarrassed in this scene. So, here is the video of their cutest moments that you should watch!

Choi Ye-bin’s Involvement in a Bullying Case

Choi Ye-bin as Ha Eun-byeol

Choi Ye-bin recently gained popularity with her debut in The Penthouse; however, sadly, she immediately found her name dragged through the mud with a rumor about a bullying case. Through online media, there’s a netizen who has claimed that she was a victim of Choi Ye-bin in Middle School.

The netizen said that she always influenced the other friends to stay away from her, even Choi Ye-bin told her to die so she always covered her ears with earphones to stay away from Ye-bin’s cruel words. Regarding her confession, she said that Ye-bin once apologized to her when they were in 3rd grade. But she thought that it was insincere.

Responding to this case, Choi Ye-bin’s agency issued a statement on March 1st, 2021. The agency said that their artist didn’t do that heinous thing.

That’s everything about The Penthouse actress Choi Ye-bin that you should know! After reading this article, don’t forget to kindly leave a comment in the section below. See you in the next article!