Learn More About ‘Hwayugi’ Actor Sung Hyuk: From His Profile to His Dating Rumors

Sung Hyuk

Actor Sung Hyuk in ‘Hwayugi’

Sung Hyuk (born Hong Sung-hyuk on March 2, 1984) is a South Korean actor. He made his acting debut in 2005, and has since starred in the television dramas Jang Bo-ri is Here!, You Are the Only One, and Hwayugi.

Hwayugi is a fantasy-drama based on the classic Chinese novel “Journey to the West.” In the drama, Sung Hyuk plays two roles, namely General Frost and his sister Summer Fairy, who have both lived in the same place for 1,200 years. Both characters, especially General Frost, were initially loyal to Son Oh Gong.

However, when Ah Sa Nyeo (played by Lee Se Young) awakened and summoned General Frost, she felt obliged to help him because he was the one who saved her brother’s soul and put it in her body. Finally, because of Ah Sa Nyeo’s scheme, Summer Fairy’s soul rose to heaven, and General Frost returned to Son Oh Gong’s side.

Throughout the drama, Sung Hyuk makes a strong impression when he goes back and forth between the two characters. While discussing his own acting, Sung Hyuk shared, “I was personally a little disappointed [with my acting] where the character betrayed Son Oh Gong to save his sister, but I think this is convincing. Before this, I did not see the comments, but I became more curious because this was a fantasy drama. I finally saw because I wanted to see if I was convincing enough.”

Sung Hyuk added how four or five years ago, a specific comment he saw while starring in the drama Jang Bo Ri Is Here made him realize that he had made a good choice in pursuing acting. He explained, “I saw a comment that read, ‘If I become an actor, I want to be like Sung Hyuk.’ The comment gave me a lot of strength.”

Sung Hyuk

For Hwayugi, he said that he gained a lot of strength from a comment that said he was beautiful when he became Summer Fairy. Sung Hyuk explained, “Initially, the writer and director told me that I must make it so people don’t know about it. That’s the initial strategy. Everyone must realize it but I hope I look as beautiful as possible. Initially, people feel uncomfortable. But then they start saying that I am beautiful and look like Seolhyun. I apologized to Seolhyun, but she laughed and let it go.”

Sung Hyuk’s Profile

Sung Hyuk

Name: Hong Sung Hyuk
Hangul: 홍성혁
Birthdate: March 2, 1984 (age 34)
Birthplace: South Korea
Instagram: @sunghyukred
Agency: FNC Entertainment
Occupation: Actor
Years Active: 2005 – present

Sung Hyuk’s Filmography

Sung Hyuk


  • Good Friends | Jongeun Chingoodeul (2013) – Hyun-Soo

Drama Series

  • A Korean Odyssey | Hwayuki (tvN / 2017-2018) – General Dong / Taoist Fairy Ha
  • Single Wife (Dramax / 2017) – Lee Min-Hong
  • Unni Is Alive | Unnineun Salaidda (SBS / 2017) – Jae-Il (cameo)
  • My Father is Strange | Abeojiga Isanghae (KBS2 / 2017) – Moon Ji-Sang (cameo)
  • You Are The Only One | Dangshinmani Nae Sarang (KBS / 2014-2015) – Lee Ji-Gun
  • Come! Jang Bo-Ri | Watta! Jangbori (MBC / 2014) – Moon Ji-Sang
  • Bride of the Century | Baeknyeonui Shinboo (CSTV / 2014) – Jang Yi-Hyun
  • All About Marriage| Geolhon Haejooseyo (KBS2 /2010) – Kim Kang-Ho
  • Oh! My Lady | O Mai Reidi (SBS / 2010)
  • Don’t Go Away | Heundeulrijima (MBC / 2008) – Park Dong-Hyuk
  • Summer Beach | Haebyeoneuro Gayo (SBS / 2005)