Does Park Si-hoo Have a Wife? Find Out More About His Love Life Here!

  1. Han Hyo-joo

In the drama Iljimae, Han Hyo Jo plays Kim Eun-chae, the daughter of a pro-King nobleman. Eun-chae’s father is one of the officials involved in the murder of Iljimae’s father. Meanwhile, Park Si-hoo acts as Ja Dol who is known as Kim Si-hoo after growing up because his mother used to be the servant of Iljimae’s father. Si-hoo is actually the son of Iljimae’s father, and his mother who is only a servant fears for her son’s life after his father is accused of being a traitor to the country, so Ms. Si-hoo lies to Eun-chae’s father.

Since adolescence, Si-hoo and Eun-chae lived as brother and sister. Eun-chae respects Si-hoo as her brother, and Si-hoo loves Eun-chae as his younger sister. Moreover, Eun-chae is the only person in the Kim Family who considers Si-hoo to be a family member.

Si-hoo begins to love Eun-chae as more than just a sister. Unfortunately, Eun-chae’s heart has been tied to Iljimae who from the start was her first love. Despite knowing that, Si-hoo still loves Eun-chae sincerely, even though his desire to capture Iljimae is getting bigger (after becoming adults, Si-hoo manages to become a smart cop who has several times solved Iljimae’s stealing tricks but always failed to capture him). He even willingly sacrificed his little finger to save Eun-chae’s little finger when Eun-chae was threatened to be questioned about Iljimae’s existence. I still remember Eun-chae’s words when she told Iljimae that Si-hoo had sacrificed his little finger to trick his senior, stating “Oraboni‘s finger is more beautiful than a woman’s finger.”

In the end, Eun-chae prefers to keep loving Iljimae even though she can’t unite with him. Si-hoo can only give up the woman he loves that loves another man who turns out to be his brother.

  1. Yoon Jung-hee

In the drama Family’s Honor, Yoon Jung-hee looks very elegant and rightly plays Ha Dan-ah, a perfect woman from a family with a noble title who still maintains her family’s customs strongly. Park Si-hoo portrays the character Lee Kang-suk, a man who sucks but deeply loves his family. Kang Suk upsets Dan-ah several times because of the problem with the Lee family tree that Dan-ah has that he wants to be returned. Meanwhile, Kang-suk also misunderstands Dan-ah several times because he is already annoyed with the woman who dared to slap him twice.

Kang-suk’s sister Lee Hye Jo is a student of Dan-ah who falls in love with Hyun Kyu. However, she has a little mental disorder. Though not insane, she is very quiet and not confident. She even fainted when told to make a presentation before the class by Dan-ah. Feeling guilty, Dan-ah finally accepts Kang-suk’s offer to pretend to be dating in order to cure Hye Jo’s illness and keep away from Hyun Kyu who is constantly chasing Dan-ah.

After a while, Dan-ah finally falls in love with Kang-suk, and even though she knows Kang-suk destroyed her grandfather’s company, Dan-ah believes in Kang-suk who wants to change. There is a lot of opposition from each family, but in the end, Kang-suk and Dan-ah become happy.

  1. Kim So-yeon

Kim So-yeon is Park Si-hoo’s partner in the drama Prosecutor Princess, a drama that made me fall in love with Park Si-hoo. Kim So-yeon played as Ma Hye-ri in this drama. Ma Hye-ri is naive, stylish, and smart but tends to not care about the situation around her.

Kim So-yeon becomes a woman who is loved by Park Si-hoo in the drama with a painful love because it was originally based on the revenge of Park Si-hoo on Father Hye-ri. Intending revenge, Seo In-woo, played by Park Si-hoo, instead falls in love with Hye-ri. He had wanted to give up and not love Hye-ri, but losing Hye-ri made him feel unusual. When there is a green light from Hye-ri’s father who has forgiven In-woo for her daughter’s happiness, In-woo and Hye-ri can finally be happy together.

  1. Kim Nam-joo

Playing the character of Director Goo Yo-shik, Park Shi-hoo loves his employee named Hwang Tae-hee who is played by Kim Nam-joo in the drama Queen of Reversals. Even though Kim Nam-joo’s age is quite far from him, Park Si-hoo can compensate for his acting well because of his ability as an amazing entertainer.

  1. Moon Chae-won

Moon Chae-won became Park Si-hoo’s lover in the phenomenal drama The Princess Man which led them to get various awards at various award events. At this time, Moon Chae-won is Park Si-hoo’s last lover in a drama because The Princess Man is still Park Si-hoo’s last drama to date.

In this drama, Moon Chae-won plays Lee Se-ryung, the daughter of Prince Su-yang, who falls in love with Park Si-hoo. They both fall in love with each other, but their love story is hindered by family revenge where Se-ryung’s father has heartily slaughtered Kim Seung Yoo’s family, played by Park Si-hoo. But, in the end, love defeats everything. In order to be able to live with his lover, Se-ryung is willing to leave his family and live a hard life. Fortunately, in this drama, their love story does not end tragically. Although, in the end, Kim Seung Yoo is mentioned to be blind, both live happily after Kim Seung Yoo holds his grudge on his father-in-law and lives happily with his wife and child.

What Is Park Si-hoo’s Current Relationship?

There is no information to be found about Park Si-hoo having a girlfriend or dating rumors outside of his characters’ lives. It can be assumed that he is currently single.

Let’s hope for all the best for his love life in the future!