Does Park Si-hoo Have a Wife? Find Out More About His Love Life Here!

A Little Information about Park Si-hoo

Do you know Park Si-hoo? He is a famous actor in South Korea and is well known for his role in the latest popular drama Lovely Horribly as Yoo Phillip. This time, we will figure out the truth about Park Si-hoo’s love life including whether he has a girlfriend, his past relationships, and even any marriage news about him.

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Park Si-hoo’s Love Story

According to Park Si-hoo’s official site, the actor doesn’t have any records or dating rumors with anyone whether celebrities or noncelebrities.

But, seeing his great acting skills, Park Si-hoo is often paired with many female celebrities in dramas, and they often have great chemistry through every scene.

Here is the list of the lucky female celebrities that have been Park Si-hoo’s girlfriends in dramas!

Park Si-hoo’s Girlfriends in Dramas

  1. Park Shi-eun

The first lucky woman to be loved by Park Si-hoo in a drama is Park Shi-eun, the actress who played Hong Chae-rin in the Sassygirl Chun Hyang drama. The fans of this drama certainly remember him, the annoying man who was loved by the main actor Moo Ryong who made Chun Hyang’s life suffer because he believed his love was someone else.

Although in Sassygirl Chun Hyang Park Si-hoo only acts as a cameo and only appears in 3 scenes, he played the role of Chae-rin’s lover who shows his love and care for Chae-rin at first but dumps her right on his birthday.

  1. Chu Sang-mi

The second woman is Chu Sang-mi. She acted alongside Park Si-hoo in the drama Let’s Marry. In the drama, Chu Sang-mi plays Jung Suk-soon, a single woman who is old enough to get married but instead is chased by a young man named Jae-ho, played by Park Si-hoo. Jae-ho works hard to get Suk Soon’s heart until finally they get married, and all his efforts were really sweet. Park Si-hoo was the ablest to play a guy who could really show what his love for his opponent was.

  1. Jung Ryeo-won


Jung Ryu-won co-starred with Park Si-hoo in the drama What Star Did You Come From. However, in the drama, Park Si-hoo finally didn’t get Jung Ryu-won’s heart, and Park Si-hoo became the second lead.

In the drama, Jung Ryu-won plays two confusing characters named Bok Shil, a village girl who tries to find her fortune in the city, and Hye Son, the lead’s ex-actor who is played by Kim Rae-won who died in an accident.

Park Si-hoo played as Han Jung-jong, the man who loves Bok Shil because of her innocent personality.

  1. Bae Doo-na

In the drama How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor, Bae Doo-na acts as Jung Yoon-hee, the chief executive secretary. When the director fell ill, Yoon-hee has the bad luck of being chosen as Director Yoon Jun-suk’s secretary who is none other than the only child of the Director. Jun-suk, played by Park Si-hoo, is the coldest boss Yoon-hee has ever met aside from his father. Jun-suk is equally unfriendly and seems to always underestimate Yoon-hee because of her lack of education. But, Yoon-hee’s open and cheerful attitude finally makes Jun-suk fall in love with her. Unfortunately, Jun-suk has been betrothed to another woman and this complicates their love story.

In this drama, Park Si-hoo who plays Jun-suk rarely smiles, and actually, he was originally the second lead actor because the main star of the drama is actually the character Baek Soo-chan, a big-time playboy who repents because his life suddenly breaks. Yoon-hee as a neighbor helped him by allowing Soo-chan to rent an empty room in her house. Soo-chan and Yoon-hee are good friends, and Soo-chan even helps Yoon-hee and Jun-suk’s relationship full of twists and turns. Jun-suk actually joked several times about the closeness of Yoon-hee and Soo-chan to the point where he told Soo-chan to take Yoon-hee to America with him when he didn’t know how to escape from the planned marriage with another girl. But, Soo-chan knew how Yoon-hee loved Jun-suk, and he reunited the two.