Get Closer to ‘Defendant’ Supporting Actor Oh Chang-suk

Have You Followed Oh Chang-suk’s Instagram Account?

oh chang-suk

Oh Chang-suk made an Instagram account with the username @ohchangseokk. Currently, he has 37.5k followers and has 334 post the moment this post was written. Through his Instagram, Oh Chang-suk shares his daily activities. Starting from when he is shooting, when he was in a vacation, foods, behind the scenes, until when he celebrated his birthday with EXO’s Suho. Here are some pictures from Oh Chang-suk’s Instagram account!

oh chang suk
oh chang suk
oh chang suk
oh chang suk

What’s Going on Between Oh Chang-suk and T-Ara’s Jiyeon?

Through MBC’s reality show named Insolent Housemates, Oh Chang-suk and Jiyeon had met. When they both appeared on camera, Oh Chang-suk said that it was the first time he met the T-Ara member. He also said that there was something mysterious with the girl group. The Insolent Housemates allowed the two celebrities to meet for the purpose of living together in one house. Before he knew that his roommate was Jiyeon, Chang-suk had tried to clean up his apartment for his new roommate.

chang suk and jiyeon

Oh Chang-suk said to Jiyeon that she can stay for free in his apartment. After that, they got new experiences by living together. As new housemates, they began to get to know each other better. Oh Chang-suk and Jiyeon started to build up small conversations like “What’s your blood type?“, “What’s your zodiac sign?“, and all that. Surprisingly, they have the same blood type and zodiac sign, AB blood-type and Gemini zodiac.

jiyeon pole dancing

Oh Chang-suk also got to know one of Jiyeon’s hobbies, which is pole dancing. In order to get to know each other better, he participates to join in a pole dancing lesson with Jiyeon. Being a nice housemate, Jiyeon cheered on Oh Chang-suk who tried the pole dancing even though he said that he’s not really confident to do so. Through this reality show, people at home watching TV and fans were treated to many scenes of nice chemistry between the two.

How About Oh Chang-suk’s Wife?

oh changsuk jiyeon

After seeing such nice chemistry between Oh Chang-suk and T-Ara’s Jiyeon, most people might be wondering, what does Oh Chang-suk’s wife looks like? However, Oh Chang-suk doesn’t have a wife yet. He lives alone in his apartment where he is enjoying his daily activities and single life. Some sources say that he hasn’t even been on a date before. He just loves his current life, he gets to take care of his skin, and he also likes to always clean the dust on his Nike sneakers. But in a reality show, he said that he once had a crush on an actress who he had worked together with. That statement obviously got some attention, but he never said who it was.

In a reality show, he revealed his ideal type of woman. When he was younger, he used to like woman based on their physical appearance, but now he likes a girl with a bright and energetic personality. And when he was younger, the first thing that he noticed from a girl was their physical appearance, especially their breast or hip sizes, but now he doesn’t care about them, because the entire balance is important.