Everything You Need to Know About ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo’s Actor: Nam Joo-hyuk

Get Know with Nam Joo-hyuk Hairstyle


As an actor, Nam Joo-hyuk has performed a lot differently with his different hairstyles too. There are some that matches him nicely, there are also some hairstyles that make it a little weird, but with his handsome face, the oddity can be covered.

Now let’s see what hairstyles Nam Joo-hyuk has used!


In the first picture, Nam Joo-hyuk’s hairstyle looks very natural with a dark brown color that matches his skin. He also got bangs that gave an innocent impression to his face.


In the second picture, Nam Joo-hyuk changes the color of his hair to a darker brown than before. He still has his bangs but, he slightly splits his bangs on the sides which makes Nam Joo-hyuk look like a cold and charismatic man.


In the third picture, Nam Joo-hyuk changes the color of his hair to black under it, but the top remains brown. He showed his forehead more even though he is still having his bangs. This hair style makes his appearance look more fresh.


In the last picture, Nam Joo-hyuk combines more than two colors in his hair, black with brown highlights. This time he splits the two in the middle of his bangs which makes Nam Joo-hyuk look very smart and handsome.

So, what kind of hairstyle would you like to see Nam Joo-hyuk sporting?

Nam Joo-hyuk Latest News

1. Nam Joo-hyuk was Attacked by Fans in Manila


July 29, 2018 Nam Joo-hyuk was featured as a guest at the Penshoppe Fan-Con in Manila, along with 2NE1 former member Dara. During the event, an incident which was captured on live video dispersed online.

In a group photo session, some fans from the event tussled for Nam Joo-hyuk all at once, groping and pushing against the actor’s body as they began posing. One fan was seen putting her hands around Nam Joo-hyuk’s waist, while others continued to touch other parts of his body with aggression.

During the event, the MCs had told the fans to be careful and polite, and that there was no holding permitted. Nevertheless, many fans were spotted disregarding the warning. After the photo-taking, different crowds of fans went for Nam Joo-hyuk, refusing to step away from his intimate space.

As a result of the event, Nam Joo-hyuk’s arm was injured and made other netizens furious with fans in the Philippines.

2. Nam Joo-hyuk and Suzy refused to play a Drama


Nam Joo-hyuk and Suzy have decided to turn down the offers for the drama Come and Hug Me. Come and Hug Me will deal with a man and a woman who lives very different lives after being involved in a murder case in the past.