Everything You Need to Know About ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo’s Actor: Nam Joo-hyuk

Nam Joo-hyuk Undergoes Plastic Surgery?


In fact, handsome actors like Nam Joo-hyuk are not free from rumors of plastic surgery. Many netizens say that Nam Joo-hyuk looks handsome because of plastic surgery. However, fans of Nam Joo-hyuk certainly defended him by saying that Nam Joo-hyuk did not do plastic surgery.

Now, let’s see the change in Nam Joo-hyuk’s face!

Nam Joo-hyuk Nose Surgery Rumors


Previously, he had a rather thick nose bridge. Some even said that his nose bridge looked crooked at some angles. And because the before pictures could be due to bad lighting, it’s hard to see what his original nose shape really is.

Nam Joo-hyuk Braces and Teeth Surgery Rumors


Old photos of Joo-hyuk showed that he has protruding set of upper teeth. It can be seen that his front teeth weren’t aligned perfectly and when he closed his lips. An actor flashing a smile with his perfectly aligned pearly white teeth and people believe that he underwent some kind of teeth surgery. It’s pretty obvious maybe he had braces because crooked teeth don’t just align on their own.

Well, what do you think? Did Nam Joo-hyuk have plastic surgery?

Get Wrecked From Nam Joo-hyuk’s Abs


Besides having a handsome face, it turns out Nam Joo-hyuk also has a very perfect body shape, especially for his abs. Often in a number of dramas, Nam Joo-hyuk shows off his perfect abs making anyone who sees it melt straight away.

He always maintains a tight body shape, even before going to sleep he does push-ups for 4 minutes. The unique fact is that no matter how much he eats, his weight will not increase.

On an episode of Three Meals a Day, there was a scene in which Nam Joo-hyuk and the other cast members ate a big dinner. Right after the dinner, Son Ho-joon noticed that Joo-hyuk’s tummy was so stuffed. However, Joo-hyuk checked his tummy by lifting up his t-shirt a bit in front of the camera. Unexpectedly, his abs were still there! The member asked him, “Wow, how much exercise do I have to do to have abs like yours?”

Let’s see Nam Joo-hyuk’s ABS!


So perfect, right?