Actor Lee Seo-jin Shows His Charms As A Father In SBS’ ‘Little Forest’

Actor Lee Seo Jin Becomes a Favorite Uncle in SBS’s Little Forest

The handsome actor, Lee Seo-jin made a rather surprising reality show appearance as a cast member in SBS’s Little Forest. He normally collaborates with Na Young-seok PD In various successful and popular reality shows on the cable television channel tvN.

On Little Forest, Lee Seo-jin, actor Lee Seung-gi, comedienne Park Na-rae, and actress Jung So-min spend two days and one night with children while their parents were away for the first time. The children and cast members lived together in a specially designed garden-home. In order to appear on the show, Lee Seo-jin took a cooking course for kids, and received certification as a chef for children’s food. Lee Seung-gi and Jung So-min passed the certification for child physiology counselors before joining on the program.

It was Lee Seo-jin’s first variety show that was dealing and interacting with small children. Rumor has it that Lee Seo-jin was lazy and bossy when appearing as senior on variety shows. Surprisingly, he showed that he owns a hidden character. He showed that he could be a caring and charming father to the children on Little Forest. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about Lee Seo-jin’s appearance in SBS’s Little Forest, so stay tuned!

First Interaction With Kids

In Little Forest, Lee Seo-jin and the other cast members babysat children in a tree house. One of the girls, Brooke, became close with Lee Seo-jin throughout the shooting. Lee Seo-jin shows a particular attention to Brooke, who was born from a foreigner father and Korean mother.

Brooke is a shy but smart girl. At first, she hesitated when seeing Lee Seo-jin for the first time. When Brooke found a colorful hat, she wanted to change her flower crown with the hat. At first, she was hesitant, but Lee Seo-jin noticed her intention. He quickly approached her and removed Brooke’s flower crown. He removed it carefully, because the crown tangled in her hair. Later, he adjusted the hat’s strap to match the size of Brooke’s head.

A few minutes later, when Lee Seo-jin was standing in the kitchen, Brooke approached him as she walked to the sink. Lee Seo-jin immediately understood what she wanted and lifted her to a chair so she could wash her hands at the sink. He started a conversation with her, and asked her whether she knew how to wash her hands. In the scene, Lee Seo-jin showed his caring and warm personality to small children, particularly to Brooke.

Becoming Emotional Seeing Kids Cry

In the last scene before saying goodbye and leaving the garden house, Brooke and the other kids visited an animal farm. On the way back from the animal farm, the cast members waited at the front gate. Upon seeing the cast members, Brooke ran toward them as she giggled with excitement. Jung So-min welcomed Brooke with a huge smile and wide open arms. To everyone’s surprise, Brooke passed Jung So-min and ran straight at Lee Seo-jin. Lee Seo-jin didn’t realize that Brooke was purposely running in his direction. He immediately hugged the girl and embraced her. The two of them were like father and daughter that were separated for many years and met for the first time. Lee Seo-jin looked surprised, but happy and proud because Brooke ran to him and hugged him. The other cast members couldn’t believe their eyes when seeing Brooke run to Lee Seo-jin.

Both Lee Seo-jin and Brooke looked at each other. They were filled with emotion and held back their tears. Brooke looked happy and sad at the same time, as her eyes blinked several times in an attempt to hold back her tears.

Lee Seo-jin also tried hard to hold back his tears. In an interview about the segment, he said that he actually never shed tears when shooting dramas, movies, or variety shows. At the time when Brooke went to hug him, he felt emotional but he managed to hide his feelings and hold his emotions. He feared that if he shed tears and became emotional, Brooke might weep and cry even more.

Taking Care Of The Kids

When Lee Seo-jin went to the supermarket to get groceries, he brought along Brooke and Grace. He placed them in separate carts. When looking around and finding groceries, Brooke suddenly recognized an ice cream container. Brooke told him that she wanted ice cream. Lee Seo-jin took Brooke and Grace out of their carts to let them choose their favorite flavors.

Brooke wanted to eat the ice cream right away, while grace wanted to go outside to eat the ice cream. When he opened the ice cream and handed it to Brooke, she smiled widely and her eyes were filled with excitement. Not so long after, Brooke complained about her mouth being cold due to the ice, while Grace complained about wanting to go home and rest. Knowing that he had to take care of and solve Grace and Brooke’s complaints, Lee Seo-jin hurried with the grocery list and finished the shopping while pushing Brooke and Grace’s cart all around the supermarket.

The Kids Love Lee Seo-jin

On a late afternoon, while sitting on the front porch, Park Na-rae asked Brooke whether she knew that Lee Seo-jin liked her. She nodded and said yes. Brooke also said that she liked him, as well. When Brooke and Park Na-rae were sitting and talking on the porch, Lee Seo-jin noticed Brooke and he immediately got her a glass of milk. Even before finishing her milk, Lee Seo-jin took out several plums, started cutting them and handed the plums to her. It was easy to see the reason why Brooke liked Lee Seo-jin very much. It was because he took care of her well, and paid attention to her all the time.

Lee Seo-jin said that he wanted to serve and care for Brooke as much as possible. He felt like Brooke’s grandfather that gave her everything whenever she needed something. Lee Seo-jin wanted Brooke to eat well and be a healthy young girl. If she ate well, he wanted to give her even more food.

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