Do You Know Boys Before Flower’s Main Actor, Lee Min-ho? Here Is His Full Profile, From His Drama List to Latest News!

  • Lee Min-ho’s career skyrocketed in 2009 after he became the lead role of Gu Jun-pyo in KBS’s Boys Over Flowers. It is the Korean adaptation of the popular Shōjo manga of the same name that has been adapted in Taiwan and Japan. He said that competition for the leading role was very intense, and he got to know he was cast from the newspapers. The series attracted high viewership ratings and buzz throughout South Korea during its broadcast. From this particular role, he became a prominent actor and gained many endorsement deals. It was also the beginning of another Korean Wave throughout Asia which made him a Hallyu star.
  • The following year, he starred in some successful dramas such as Personal Taste in 2011, City Hunter in 2011, and The Heirs in 2013.
  • The Heirs enjoyed immense popularity both locally, with a peak rating of 28.6%, and internationally, having over one billion hits on the Chinese streaming website iQiyi. Lee Min-ho experienced an increase in his popularity, particularly in China. He even had his wax figure unveiled at Madame Tussauds in Shanghai.
  • In 2013 and 2014, he released his own album and performed it around Asia.
  • In 2016, Lee Min-ho starred in the action comedy Bounty Hunters directed by Shin Terra. The film topped box office charts on its release date and went on to gross US $29 million in China.
  • His latest project is television drama Legend of the Blue Sea alongside actress Jun Ji-hyun.

What Is Lee Min-ho’s Relationship with Suzy?

In March 2015, Suzy and Lee Min-ho said that they’d been dating for a month after paparazzi photos of them in London and Seoul went viral. Dispatch claimed the pair enjoyed a 3-day mini-vacation together in the UK. A year after, fans spotted the couple wearing matching couple rings.

Their relationship was going well. Lee Min-ho and Suzy even celebrated two years of togetherness with an intimate party. A month after, on May 12, Lee Min-ho started his military public service at Gangnam’s city hall, which is the last we’ve officially heard from either of them.


Their respective agencies confirmed that the couple had broken up after dating for over two years.

Ilgan Sports quoted an industry insider who stated, “Lee Min Ho and Suzy recently broke up. They separated because of personal reasons and remain friends.”

In early 2018, one source reportedly stated, “Lee Min Ho and Suzy recently started dating again. They’ve secretly been going on dates.”

According to Soompi, both Lee Min-ho’s and Suzy’s agencies deny the rumor. MYM Entertainment stated, “After checking with him, it is not true that he is back together with Suzy. It is also absolutely not true that they went on a date together.” Suzy’s agency JYP Entertainment also responded soon after, “We have checked with her and it is not true that they are dating again.”

What Does Lee Min-ho’s House Look Like?


From his work, we believe that Lee Min-ho has a super big house in a good neighborhood. It may be true. But, at this point, like other Korean stars, Lee Min-ho chooses to not publicly expose his house.

But, a travel agency in Korea opened a trip to visit all of Lee Min-ho’s “houses”. They are his houses from his most popular dramas such as Personal Taste, Legend of the Blue Sea, and Boys Before Flowers. All of his roles leave such an impression that people still remember all the details correctly. This kind of tour is quite popular among Lee Min-ho’s fans around the world.

Lee Min-ho’s Net Worth



Lee Min-ho has garnered a hefty amount of net worth from his acting career as he has been featured in many successful movies and dramas and has received a number of awards.

Lee Min-ho’s main source of income comes from his acting and singing. Besides this, he has received a lot of endorsement deals with various brands in Korea. He even got a Grand Prize at the 2017 National Brand Awards.

Lee Min-ho is currently one of the richest and most influential actors in South Korea with an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Military Duty and Latest News


Starting on March 15, 2018, Lee Min-ho will be going to basic military training for four weeks at the Nonsan Training Center. He began his mandatory military service in May 2017 and has been serving as a public service worker at the Gangnam District Office for the past 10 months.

Unlike most Korean men who enlist in the military, Lee Min-ho’s enlistment started with public service. He will spend four weeks at a military training center for basic training and return to his workplace.

It’s because he had a serious car accident in 2006 with friend Jung Il Woo and again in 2011 while filming City Hunter. He received level six at a pre-enlistment physical examination, which placed him as a public service worker.


After completing his military training, Lee MIn-ho is set to return to his post as a public service officer at Suseo Social Welfare Center in Seoul.

Lee Min-ho will be discharged from the military in May 2019.