Full Profile of Korean Actor Lee Han-wi and Facts

Lee Han-wi

Lee Han-wi is a South Korea actor who made his debut in 1983 through KBS’ Talent program. His first drama was별을 쫓는 야생마. Within his 35 years of career, he has appeared in 60 movies and 129 dramas.

Lee was an Ambassador Professor of The 4th Gwangju Juryul International Music Festival, Model Event, Sogang University in 2008. In 2010, he was chosen as Hadong Love Public Relations Ambassador. In 2013, he was chosen as PR Ambassador of Chosun University. Currently, he is a director of JS Acting Academy.


Lee Han-wi’s Profile

Lee Han-wi

Name : Lee Han-wi (이한위)

Birth Place : South Korea

Birth Date : June 17, 1961

Occupation : Actor, JS Acting Academy Director

Height : 177 cm

Education : Master of Arts, Chung-Ang University

Family :Choi Hye-kyung (spouse), Lee Kyung (daughter), Lee Yun (daughter), Lee On (son)

Official Account : Mini Homepage, Instagram


Lee Han-wi’s Drama List

Lee Han-wi

Lee Han-wi has starred in 129 dramas since his debut. It is such a huge number of dramas for Lee who has debut for 35 years. His first drama was KBS1 drama 별을 쫓는 야생마. A year later, he appeared on KBS1 Rich Artifacts. He got so much attention and recognition from the public from all his roles. He is one of the best actor in Korea.

Do you want to know more about his dramas?

Here is the list.

Year Title Role Network
1985 별을 쫓는 야생마 KBS1
1986 Rich Artifacts 독립군을 잡는 troubleshooter KBS1
1987 Land KBS2
1988 The Region of Calm Yoo Do-hwan KBS2
1990 Seoul Earthen Bowl Seung-chul, an aspiring singer KBS1
1993 Wild Chrysanthemum KBS1
1995 The Age of Uniqueness KBS2
1996 Colors: The Temptation of Lemon Tea KBS2
Hometown of Legends “사후절부야물” KBS2
Hometown of Legends “숫돌바위” KBS2
Reporting for Duty Hwang Joon-young KBS2
A Faraway Country Taek-woon KBS2
Drama Game “옥계 여관의 솔로몬” KBS2
1997 Drama Game “소리, 소리, 소리” KBS2
Drama Game “신 술 권하는 사회” KBS2
Drama Game “Sweet Dad” KBS2
Drama Special “Making a Child” KBS2
Hometown of Legends “Ssinaeri” KBS2
Hometown of Legends “효불효교” KBS2
Hometown of Legends
“Wishes of the Deceased”
A Bluebird Has It Bruce Lee, MC of
part 1 Shangri-La
Sunday Best “Ondal’s Dream” KBS2
Into the Storm KBS2
1998 Legendary Ambition Mang-chi KBS2
Purity Senior radio PD KBS2
Hometown of Legends “죽귀” KBS2
Angel’s Kiss KBS2
1999 Sunday Best “그녀, 그를 만나다” KBS2
Sunday Best “Eun bi-ryeong” KBS2
Sunday Best “Kiss of a Thirty-one-year-old” KBS2
School 1 PE teacher Park Bok-man KBS2
School 2 PE teacher Park Bok-man KBS2
Sunday Best “The Wind Blows in Yeouido” KBS2
2000 School 3 PE teacher Park Bok-man KBS2
Emperor Wang Gun Ji-seon/Wang Chung KBS1
Autumn in My Heart Yoon Ji-hwan KBS2
2001 School 4 PE teacher Park Bok-man KBS2
Life Is Beautiful KBS2
MBC Best Theater “The Story of My Fiancee” MBC
Fox and Cotton Candy Section chief Oh Sang-jin MBC
2002 Sidestreet People Sung Man-hee KBS2
Sunshine Hunting Mr. Sticky KBS2
Moon on Cheomseongdae KBS2
Drama City “Ajumma Band 결성 사건” KBS2
My Platoon Leader Sergeant Lee Soon-ho MBC
Inspector Park Mun-su Chil-bok MBC
2003 The Bean Chaff of My Life (cameo) MBC
Lovers Yoo Byung-joon SBS
Drama City “S대 법학과 미달사건” KBS2
Damo Baek Joo-wan MBC
2004 New Human Market Oh Pil-geun SBS
There’s Light at the Tip of My Fingernail Teacher Choi EBS
Lotus Flower Fairy Boo Yong-jin MBC
Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin Chun Moo-jik KBS1
2005 Sassy Girl Chun-hyang Chunhyang’s high school teacher KBS2
18 vs. 29 Director Bang KBS2
5th Republic Kim Yong-nam MBC
Drama City “낙타씨의 행방불명” Coach KBS2
Resurrection Im Dae-shik KBS2
Princess Lulu Department head Jo SBS
MBC Best Theater “Garibong Ocean’s Eleven” Jung Doo-ho MBC
2006 Drama City “Kim Dong-su and the Case
of the Fake Spy”
Detective Kim KBS2
Spring Waltz Lee Jong-tae KBS2
Pure in Heart Ko Dal-soo KBS1
A Farewell to Arms Man-seok supermarket creditor KBS2
Freeze Park Hyung-joon CGV
Love and Hate Daniel Bae/Baek Dam-bong SBS
2007 Flowers for My Life Loan shark KBS2
The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince Mr. Ku, the butcher MBC
Kimchi Cheese Smile MBC
Drama City “I’m a Very Special Lover” Lee Gi-dong KBS2
The Innocent Woman Attorney Min KBS2
Drama City “Ssamdalg Misugi” KBS2
Evasive Inquiry Agency Jang Taek-soo KBS2
2008 Constable Oh Hyeong-bang OBS
My Sweet Seoul Director Ahn SBS
Hometown of Legends “Ghost Letter” Deok-bae KBS2
Glass Castle Son Dong-sik SBS
Beethoven Virus Kang Chun-bae MBC
2009 Ja Myung Go Woo Na-ru SBS
Good Job, Good Job Mr. Min, the chef MBC
Tamra, the Island Lee Sa-pyeong, the potter MBC
Hero Na Kyung-man MBC
2010 The Slave Hunters Pogyo Oh KBS2
Becoming a Billionaire Teriah Park KBS2
Oh! My Lady Drama director
(cameo, episode 1)
King of Baking, Kim Takgu Heo Gap-soo KBS2
Eagle Eagle SBS Plus
Athena: Goddess of War Park Sung-chul SBS
2011 I Believe in Love Kim Eui-joong KBS2
God’s Quiz – Season 2 Chief of police (guest) OCN
Gyebaek Imja MBC
Just Like Today Kim Joon-tae MBC
2012 Wild Romance Kevin Jang KBS2
Fashion King Hwang Tae-san SBS
To the Beautiful You Hwang Gye-bong SBS
School 2013 Woo Soo-chul KBS2
2013 7th Grade Civil Servant Kim Pan-seok MBC
Incarnation of Money Plastic surgeon
(cameo, episode 5)
Nine Joo Sung-hoon tvN
Hur Jun, the Original Story Kim Man-kyung MBC
Passionate Love Ban Soo-bong SBS
Basketball Yoon Deok-myung tvN
Stranger Ryu In-ho SBS
Prime Minister & I Nam Yoo-sik KBS2
2014 Emergency Couple Dr. Jeon Hyung-seok
(cameo, episode 1)
12 Years Promise Joo Chul-soo jTBC
Cunning Single Lady Doctor (cameo, episode 12) MBC
A New Leaf Team leader Kang MBC
You’re All Surrounded Plastic surgery director Byung
(cameo, episode 3)
Marriage, Not Dating (cameo) tvN
Drama Special “The Three Female Runaways” Room salon owner KBS2
Tears of Heaven Orphanage director (cameo) MBN
Modern Farmer Kang Young-sik SBS
Punch Oh Dong-choon SBS
2015 Super Daddy Yeol Choi Nak-kwon tvN
Drama Special “Hair Transplant Day” Bong Chang-hoon KBS2
Warm and Cozy Gong Jong-bae MBC
My Mother is a Daughter-in-law Park Bong-joo SBS
2016 Local Hero Team Leader Song OCN
Another Oh Hae-young Oh Kyung-soo tvN
The K2 The President’s Secretary (cameo, Ep. 10) tvN
I’m Sorry, But I Love You Park Dong-jin (cameo) SBS
2017 Hospital Ship Bang Sung-woo MBC
Introvert Boss Chae Won Sang tvN
The Package jTBC
Revolutionary Love Kwon Choon-sub tvN
2018 Mysterious Personal Shopper Han Pil-mok KBS
Lawless Lawyer Ha Ki Ho tvN