Get to Know ‘Because This Is My First Life’ Supporting Actor Kim Min-gyu

Kim Min-gyu’s Top Dramas

Kim Min-gyu and Nam Joo-hyuk

Throughout his career, Kim Min-gyu has appeared in various popular dramas, just like Who Are You: School 2015 and a few web seriesBut the appearances that left the most impression on the audience are his roles in Signal, Because This Is My First Life, and Drunk in Good Taste. Are you curious about what kind of characters he played in these dramas? Let’s check it out!


Kim Min-gyu in Signal

In the drama Signal, Kim Min-gyu acted as a supporting character, alongside Lee Je-hoon, Jo Jin-woong, and Kim Hye-soo as the main characters. His character is a rookie officer called Hwang Ui-kyung. He first appeared in the second episode of the drama, where he helped officer Kim Gye-cheol and Jeong Heon-gi to bring their luggage into their new desk. At first, he hesitated whether to help them or not because his senior prohibits him to help them, but eventually, he showed them the way while helping them to bring their things.

As he is still a rookie, he still has to do as his seniors have ordered him. In episode 5, we could see him cleaning the office while listening to the Cold Case Squad conversation and joining them sometimes. In this episode, we could see that he has a lot of knowledge about criminal cases. Even though he is still a rookie, we can’t doubt his intelligence by seeing him here!

In this drama, Kim Min-gyu appeared in six episodes in total. But, in each episode, he had very little screen time since his role was that of a minor character. So, if you want to watch how he acted as Hwang Ui-kyung, make sure to watch the drama Signal!

Because This Is My First Life

Kim Min-gyu in Because This Is My First Life

In the drama, Because This Is My First Life, Kim Min-gyu acted alongside Jeon So-min and Lee Min-ki as the main characters. He acted as a character named Yeon Bok-nam, the owner’s son of the place where Yoon Ji-ho (Jeon So-min) worked as a part-timer.

His first appearance in the drama was when Yoon Ji-ho helped the owner of her workplace to search for ‘his baby.’ At that time, Yoon Ji-ho thought that the owner’s dog named Bok-nam escaped from the store because the owner said that he should have tied Bok-nam so that he wouldn’t escape. After the owner told her that Bok-nam has a brown fluffy hair, wears pink, loves to be in a corner and that you can tell he’s pretty just by looking at him, Yoon Ji-ho helped him to search for a dog that fits the description.

While she was in the middle of searching in an alleyway, she met Yeon Bok-nam. He noticed that Yoon Ji-ho is calling his name, so he got curious and asked Yoon Ji-ho what is she doing. After answering that she’s in the middle of searching for the owner’s dog named Bok-nam and explained its description, Yeon Bok-nam got interested in her and asked for Yoon Ji-ho’s phone number. Even though she rejected it at first, she eventually gave him her number after Yeon Bok-nam persuaded her by saying that he will call her if he finds the dog. Before leaving, he also said that the name ‘Bok-nam’ doesn’t sound so pretty to Yoon Ji-ho.

Kim Min-gyu in Because This Is My First Life

After searching for a long time, Yoon Ji-ho returned to the store with empty hands, but the owner said that Bok-nam has returned. As the owner thanked her for helping him, she responded by saying that she loves how the owner named him. Yeon Bok-nam who overheard the conversation smiled by hearing Yoon Ji-ho’s response about his name. When Yoon Ji-ho was getting hopeless because she didn’t get a call from the owner, Yeon Bok-nam called her and asked to meet him because Bok-nam escaped again. Even though Yoon Ji-ho doesn’t really understand what has happened, she followed what he said and came to meet him.

After meeting him, Yeon Bok-nam asked her to go to the store, but she rejected the offer because she thought the owner didn’t accept her as the part-timer. But, Yeon Bok-nam didn’t agree to her thought and pulled her to the store. As the owner scolded him for escaping again, Yoon Ji-ho realized that ‘Bok-nam’ is a man, not a dog. But, thanks to Yeon Bok-nam, she got accepted as a part-timer at the store. When she asked Yeon Bok-nam why he did all of that to her, he answered that it was because he likes her. As she got flustered and said that she already has a husband, he responded by saying, “If you have a husband, can’t you have a boyfriend?”

If you are curious about his role and want to know more about how he acted as Yeon Bok-nam, make sure to watch the drama Because This Is My First Life!

Drunk In Good Taste

Kim Min-gyu in Drunk In Good Taste

In the drama, Drunk In Good Taste, Kim Min-gyu acted as the main character alongside Kim Hyang-gi. His character is a university student named Yeon Nam, while Kim Hyang-gi’s character is a university student named Chong Nam. Both of them are first years who study the same major. As they become friends, they slowly develop feelings for each other as time goes by.

This drama is a romantic comedy drama and only has two episodes, so it won’t take long for you to watch it. If you are curious about their love story and want to watch how Kim Min-gyu acts as Yeon Nam, don’t forget to watch the drama Drunk In Good Taste!


As a celebrity, he also loves to share his activities besides working as an actor and how he spends his free time. Let’s check out a few of his latest posts on Instagram!


In this post, Kim Min-gyu posted a scenery of a road. Don’t you think the scenery photo he has taken looks beautiful?


In this post, we can see that he adopted a new cat as his pet! As he already has two pets, it seems that the family members in his house are adding up again!


In this post, he posted a photo of himself smiling while greeting his fans. Don’t you think that his smile will make you melt?


In this post, we can see him promoting his latest drama Drunk In Good Taste by sharing a trailer of the dramaAre you interested in his role in this drama?


In this post, we can see another teaser of his drama Drunk In Good Taste, with Kim Hyang-gi. Do you think he showed good chemistry with Kim Hyang-gi in the drama?


In this post, we can see his playful side as he recorded a video using funny effects, along with another actor, Baek Seung-heon. Don’t you think that they look cute in the video?


In this post, Kim Min-gyu posted a photo of himself congratulating everyone who celebrates Christmas. In the photo, it seems like he’s in some kind of cafe to spend the day. Do you feel like spending Christmas day with him?


In his latest post, he gave his New Year’s greetings to his fans! Not only that, but he also wished that everything will be going well for everyone in this new year. Let’s also wish that everything will be going well for him too!

If you want to know more about his activities on Instagram, you can visit his account @mingue.k!

Latest News

Kim Min-gyu

Recently, it has been revealed that Kim Min-gyu will join the cast of a drama that has been adapted from a webtoon, So I Married an Anti-Fan, as one of the supporting roles. He will act in the drama alongside other well-known actors, such as Choi Tae-joon, and former member of Girls’ Generation, Choi Soo-young. It is reported that the drama will be aired in 2019. Are you curious about what kind of role he managed to get this time? Don’t forget to watch So I Married an Anti-Fan when it gets released!

So, what do you think about Kim Min-gyu? Did you take an interested in him? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Kim Min-gyu in the comment section and watch his appearances on television!