Get Closer to Korean Actor Kim Ji-soo

About Ji-soo’s Favorites, Habits, Hobbies, & Skills

  • He said that he was addicted to TV and reading about the lives of different actors in the tabloids and on the entertainment news channels.
  • Ji-soo enjoyed hanging out with his friends since he was young.
  • He enjoyed watching movies since he was very young and he didn’t know whether it was fiction or a documentary. He felt like he had a good dream when he watched a good movie.
  • Ji-soo usually stays at home or drives somewhere to hang out with friends when he’s not working.
  • He has old habits of looking for a cup of coffee in the morning, he would go to a nearby cafe and buy it.
  • He also likes to listen to music when he sleep.
  • He has a collection of perfumes that he likes.
  • Ji-soo’s favorite colors are gray with black and white, he explained that gray is a symbol of flexibility that can be black and white, thus he wanted to live flexible across the border.
  • Ji-soo’s celebrity crush out of everyone he’s filmed with is Kim Hee Sun. He said that she was so beautiful and personality-wise that he couldn’t believe he was filming with her.
  • He enjoyed watching movies, as an actor, he watched movies and has the habit of looking for the actor’s work. He mentioned as he first started with Ryan Gosling, and one time he took a quick look at everything from Michael Passper, James McEvoy, and Jeremy Irons (He likes British actor because they looked exceptionally charming).
  • Specifically, Ji-soo shared that he likes U.S. and European actresses such as Natalie Portman, Amanda Seyfried, and Marion Cotillard.
  • His role model is Leonardo Di Caprio.
  • Ji-soo loves dogs. He has two adorable dogs : Gong Joo and Gap Soon.
  • Between Rain and Snow, Ji-soo likes both.

Random Facts & Trivia About Ji-soo’s 

  • Ji-soo went to all men’s middle school and an all men’s high school. He thinks that’s why he’s closer to actors than to actresses.
  • He thought it would be difficult to enter the world of acting because of his appearance, because he thought it was ugly, but the CEO of his company reasoned by saying he was good looking.
  • His father owns a bookstore.
  • He is part of a celebrity group of friends known as BYH48 which consists of EXO’s Suho, Ryu Jun Yeol, Byun Yo Han, Lee Dong Hwi and more. The name was coined by their fans, with BYH referring to Byun Yo Han, the group’s leader, and 48 is a parody of Japanese idol group AKB48.
  • Ji-soo is also best friends with fellow actor Nam Joo Hyuk. Jisoo said that the first thing he does when he goes to Joo Hyuk’s house is lying down on his bed. They watch TV together (“Knowing Brother” ep. 43).
  • He’s also good friends with VIXX’s N.
  • He is said to have a resemblance to Yoo Ah In, BTS’s Rap Monster, MONSTA X’s Shownu.
  • Ji-soo said that he doesn’t have any body parts that he wants to fix because he accepts the way he is.
  • Ji-soo thinks that he still doesn’t have his own ‘charm’, he said that he should try to find out his attractive points.
  • His final dream is to be a good person, and live happily with his family.
  • He appeared on Music Video titled “Wind” (바람사람) by Bolbbalgan4 in 2018.
  • He is the protagonist of the Story About: 썸, 한달, a series of music videos where several artists have participated, among them the Group of girls GUGUGAN, Kisum, Stella Jang among others. Each MV is released every Wednesday.
  • Ji-soo often get a character (especially when he’s the supporting role) who are wandering/longing, sick, and hurt that many fans swoon for his character, and they even called him Ji-soo the SLD (second lead syndrome).
  • Ji-soo said that he is actually a humorous person, and when they got to know him better, he’s a bit more 4D though he didn’t know either.
  • He once said that if he can use a time machine, he would want to go to the future.

Actor Kim Ji-soo’s Love Life & Ideal Types


In some interview, Ji-soo said that he has been openly single and explained that he hasn’t found time for relationships since 2014, but if he finds the ideal girl, he would like to fall in love with her. There were various answers he has given regarding his ideal types based on some interviews, here are the following ideals he dreamed of :

  • He said that he prefers an older girl to a younger girl, one year older or under that. A relative of a similar age seems to be most comfortable to him.
  • He also wants his girl to be innocent and sexy. He said it would be nice if they both coexisted.
  • He likes girl who is pure and innocent and sticks out to him.
  • He likes someone who is pretty when she smiles. Other than that, someone who’s easy to talk to and who shares similar interests with him.
  • I like someone with a pretty gaze. I think there’s a difference between someone with a charismatic gaze, and someone with a pretty gaze. If someone has a pretty look in their eyes, then you want to keep looking at it. If they have a pretty smile, too, then you want to keep making them laugh.”
  • As for personality, I think the most important thing is being able to communicate well,” he continued. “Since 97 percent of a relationship is conversation, I think as long as she can communicate well she will also have good manners and good humor”.

List of Actor Kim Ji-soo’s Movies


Ji-soo made his acting debut on stage in 2009, and consequently starred in several short films, including having a leading role in the Korean-Philippines independent film “Seoul Mates”. Eventhough at first he only had guest roles in the movies “Beastie Boys”(2008) and “Han Gong Ju” (2014), he at last landed a very important role in the movie “One Way Trip” (2016) alongside EXO’s Suho, Ryu Jun Yeol, and Kim Hee Chan as the main characters. You may take a look at the complete list of his movie appearances below!

Movie Appearances List
Year Title Hangul Role Notes
2007 Beastie Boys  
2010 Boy in Pain 소년은 괴롭다 Short film
2014 Han Gong Ju 한공주 Member of Min Ho’s gang
Seoul Mates 서울메이트 Joon Indie Film
Adult 어른이 Short film
More Than 보다
2016 One Way Trip 글로리데이 Yong Bi
Round and Round 돌고돌고돌고 10th Anniversary Short Film

List of Actor Kim Ji-soo’s Dramas


He first gained recognition in the high school drama “Angry Mom” (2015). In this drama, Ji-soo plays the role of Go Bok Dong, a strong and dark character. This was Ji-soo’s first real role as he plays an important and memorable character. It’s really shocking how talented he is for a breakout rookie who came out of nowhere and stole everyone’s hearts. Since then he has started getting recognized for his powerful on screen presence and good looks and getting roles more roles in TV. He has also starred in other popular television series “Cheer Up!” (2015), “Page Turner” (2016) and “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” (2016).

Drama Series List
Year Title Hangul Network Role Notes
2012 To the Beautiful You  아름다운 그대에게 SBS Student Cameo
Family 패밀리  KBS Han Song Yi Cameo (Episode 45)
2014 Love Frequency 37.2  사랑 주파수 37.2 MBC Every 1 Go Dong Hee’s ex-boyfriend Cameo (Episode 3)
2015 Angry Mom  앵그리맘 MBC Go Bok Dong
Cheer Up!  발칙하게 고고 KBS2 Seo Ha Joon
Lunch Box 런치박스 K-Food Yong Web drama, K-FOOD FAIR 2015 Malaysia
2016 Page Turner  페이지터너 Jeong Cha Sik Drama Special
Doctors 닥터스  SBS Kim Soo Cheol Guest (Episodes 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8)
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 달의 연인 – 보보경심 려 Wang Jung
Fantastic  판타스틱 JTBC Kim Sang Wook
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo  역도요정 김복주 MBC Bok Joo’s fellow worker Cameo (Episode 11)
2017 Strong Woman Do Bong-soon 힘쎈여자 도봉순  JTBC In Gook Du
2017–2018 Bad Guys 2 나쁜 녀석들 : 악의 도시 OCN Han Kang Joo