Actor Do Sang-woo’s Rumors with Song Ji-hyo and Kim Yoon-seo


South Korean actor Do Sang-woo gained his popularity through his role in ‘Its Okay It’s Love’ 2014 drama and play as Gong Hyo jin’s ex boyfriend. Since then, his name received a lot of attention. Born on December 25, 1987 in Busan, Do Sang-woo actively became actor in 2008. He played roles in various dramas. One of them is tvN drama ‘Ex-Girlfriend Club,’ which also stars Song Ji-hyo, Byun Yo-han, Lee Yoon-ji, Jang Ji-eun, and Kim Sa-won. His role in that drama made him more famous. After this drama, fans raised many questions about the relationship of Song Ji-hyo and Do Sang-woo. It happened because people saw that they had a very good chemistry while playing together in the drama. However, recent news said that he is dating with actress Kim Yoon-seo, and this dating confirmation brought happiness to the fans.

Do Sang-woo and Song Ji-hyo’s Relationship


Playing roles in the same drama made Do Sang-woo and Song Ji-hyo raise the anticipation of the chemistry. By playing in tvN’s 2015 drama ‘Ex-Girlfriend Club’, they played lead characters. The drama is about a popular webtoon author, Bang Myung-soo (Byun Yo Han), who writes stories about his ex-girlfriends and gets the chance to make his work into a movie. As he builds a love line with movie producer, Kim Soo-jin (Song Ji-hyo), he meets his four ex-girlfriends at the same place, facing the lion in the den.

Do Sang-woo laued the part of movie director Cho Gun, who is in charge of directing Bang Myung-soo’s webtoon. In the drama, Cho Gun is a rising star who has the potential to be the first Korean to win at the Sundance Film Festival with his eye for the arts and detail. People are already anticipating his teamwork between the leads, Song Ji-hyo and Byun Yo-han.

But after the drama finished, it was nothing serious about their relationship. Both of them agree that they were just playing professionally and were good friends to each other. Even on May 15, during the shooting, Song Ji-hyo also prepared good dishes through food truck for all crews and cast of the drama. She uploaded a photo on her Weibo of herself with a food truck she prepared. She was being kind and sincere to all cast and crew, not to particular people.

“I hope my fellow colleagues and staff gain strength from eating samgyetang (a type of chicken soup)! Cheers for ‘Ex-Girlfriend Club,’ yay!” Song Ji-hyo wrote along with the photo. There was also pictures show Byun Yo-han, Lee Yoon-ji, Jang Ji-eun, Do Sang-woo, Kim Sa-won, and more with Song Ji-hyo, smiling brightly for the camera.

The food truck’s witty banner especially caught the eyes of many, which is a spin-off from one of Song Ji Hyo’s lines in the drama.

Song Ji Hyo’s food truck not only included samgyetang but also seasoned meat, pasta, and even midnight snacks, providing a surplus of meals for everyone on that day of filming. Thanks to her kind heart, the cast and crew were indulged in a very pleasant atmosphere for quite some time.

song ji hyo
song ji hyo

Do Sang-woo’s Dating Actress Kim Yoon-seo


Despite the rumor and gossip, Do Sang-woo has finally confirmed his relationship status through his agency, Taxi Entertainment. In June 2017, his label told news outlets, “Do Sang-woo and Kim Yoon-seo have been in a relationship since the beginning of 2015. Even after Do Sang-woo’s military enlistment, they continued with their trusting relationship.” The dating rumor actually said that this lovely couple has been dating for the past 2 years and 6 months, and the rumors proved to be true! It also proof that nothing happened between Song Ji-hyo and Do Sang-woo earlier.

Formerly, the actor and actress appeared on MBC’s ‘The Legendary Witch’ as on-screen siblings, and once their production came to an end, they got to know each other in a steady relationship.

Do Sang-woo is known for ‘Flower Boy Ramen Shop’, ‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’, ‘The Legendary Witch’, and more, while Kim Yoon-seo has been in productions such as ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’, ‘You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin!’, and also recently appearing in KBS2 drama ‘A Woman’s Secret’.

Shortly after actor Do Sang-soo and actress Kim Yoon-seo admitted to their dating rumors, media outlet Dispatch revealed sweet photos of the couple captured on a convenience store date!

The photos are from back in May of 2015, likely a few months after they began dating that year. From the MBC drama ‘The Legendary Witch’, both of them met, played roles together and gradually gained interest in each other after the production came to an end.

In the photos revealed, we can see that the couple enjoyed shopping together for a few groceries, then returned to their car. While storing their grocery bags inside the car, Kim Yoon-seo can be seen joking with Do Sang-woo playfully, possibly arguing over who gets to drive. In the end, Kim Yoon-seo trudges over to the passenger’s seat with a smile. Who else agree that this couple is very cute and adorable?
do sang woo

Do Sang-woo’s Military

In 2016, Do Sang-woo’s name was enlisted to join military service duty. According to Taxi Entertainment, Do Sang-woo will be entering his training for the army on April 5. They stated, “To honor Do Sang-woo’s wishes to depart for his military service quietly, we will hold no special farewell event. His enlistment will also be held in private.”

Recently, his agency has updated the actor has returned from his military duty. On January 4, Taxi Entertainment revealed to My Daily, “Do Sang-woo has been discharged today the 4th. His next project is not yet confirmed but he plans to promote right away. He’s currently reviewing productions.”

Regarding his relationship with Kim Yoon-seo, the agency commented, “They’re still doing well. No marriage plans have been arranged yet. For now, the focus of our discussion is on his comeback as an actor.”

It is also revealed during his military service in 2 years from 2016, the two has been dating with long distance relationship. But it doesn’t change anything for their relationship. We hope that this couple will continue to marriage. Fans also can’t wait to see the actor return to acting again! Congratulations to Do Sang-woo who finally finished his duty in the military in this year!