Official Instagram Accounts of Nine Muses’ Members


Nine Muses Official Instagram Account

Social media is the most appropriate medium used to show special activities or daily activities, for example Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others. Many Korean idol groups also have Instagram to upload their activities such as comeback schedules, songs or movie promotions, or they use them simply to share their leisure activities.

Nine Muses is one of the girl groups that debuted in 2010 under Star Empire Entertainment. Initially 9Muses or Nine Muses debut with a 9 member formation and often alternated because of members who left the group to focus on their respective activities. Now 9Muses has a fixed formation with four members: Kyungri, Sungah, Hyemi, and Sojin.

Nine Muses Official Instagram : @official_ninemuses

Nine Muses Kyungri’s Instagram


Name : Kyungri

Date of Birth : July 5, 1990

Age : 27 years old

Position : Lead Vocalist

Instagram : @gyeongree

Nine Muses Hyemi’s Instagram


Name : Hyemi

Date of Birth : April 3, 1991

Age : 26 years old

Position : Main Vocalist

Instagram : @pyopyohyemi

Nine Muses Sungah’s Instagram


Name : Sungah

Date of Birth : July 8, 1989

Age : 28 years old

Position : Vocalist, Lead Rapper

Instagram : N/A

Nine Muses Keumjo’s Instagram


Name : Keumjo

Date of Birth : December 17, 1992

Age : 25 years old

Position : Main Vocalist, Maknae

Instagram : @keumjo_1217

Nine Muses Sojin’s Instagram


Name : Sojin

Date of Birth : October 11, 1991

Age : 26 years old

Position : Main Dancer, Vocalist

Instagram : @josojin_1011

Nine Muses Minha’s Instagram


Name : Minha

Date of Birth : June 27, 1991

Age : 26 years old

Position : Vocalist, Face of the Group

Instagram : @blossomh_