Everything You Need to Know About VIXX’s Visual Lee Hongbin: Age, Net Worth, Drama List, and Facts

  • On a date, he said he would take the girl he likes to the aquarium.
  • Hongbin’s ideal type is Secret’s Hyosung because he loves her smile.
  • Hongbin likes a girl who can connect well with him, can read situations quickly, and can communicate even without words.
  • Hongbin’s Personality : “Extremely sincere, in order to grow, and he works hard everyday” (By ravi).
  • He told Hyuk to stop growing taller.
  • Hongbin once mentioned that there was one time he asked Ravi to go and bathe after he finished bathing. After he finished wearing his clothes, he saw Ravi standing in the same position, he then asked why he hasn’t gone to bathe which Ravi replied: “I’ve finished bathing.”
  • Hongbin is Ravi’s artwork in VIXX TV, so he is always on Ravi’s side.
  • His skill in speaking Japanese is the best among the members.
  • Hongbin once suffered from pneumothorax because of an accident when he was in 10th grade, and had to get surgery.
  • Hongbin played basketball when he was in 6th to 11th grade.
  • Hong Bin wants to go to London and Paris because it is in the lyrics of their debut song.
  • VIXX wants to go to Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia.
  • His group is close with MBLAQ, JJ Project and BTOB.
  • Hongbin took a photography course.
  • Wants to be Captain America if he has magical powers.

Best Abs of Lee Hongbin


Hongbin always manages to give fans a chance to see his incredibly ripped abs. The VIXX member often exposes his hot bod, showing his killer abs beneath his clothing. Being the best body and the visual of the group made his proportions stand out even more. He’s been hitting the music scene and proving that every season is the right time to show off his figures.

He even showed his heavenly body in his drama Moorim School: Saga of the Brave. He successfully portrays the role of the ace of the school with his amazing acting and his body proportion. He was even caught shirtless in some scene of the drama.

Dazzling smile on twitter

In other occasion, Hongbin also didn’t hesitate to show his good bod either on stage for a performance or in his daily routine. VIXX’s choreography often requires the members to show their abs. But in the photo above, Hongbin looks effortlessly good wearing a sleeveless jersey in a basketball match.

How Much is Lee Hongbin’s Net Worth?

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Hongbin’s net worth is counted as VIXX net worth since most of his social media accounts and engagements are related to VIXX. The picture below shows how much VIXX’s net worth is. VIXX’s net worth is displayed here calculated based on a combination of social factors. Please only use it for a guidance and VIXX’s actual income may vary a lot from the dollar amount shown below.


VIXX’s net worth is calculated by comparing VIXX’s influence on Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with anybody else in the world. Generally speaking, the bigger the hexagon is, the more valuable VIXX’s net worth should be on the internet.

According to the latest Twitter stat on 2018-07-20, VIXX has a total favourites count of 199 on the Twitter account and VIXX has 1.12 Million followers on the same Twitter account. Total media count of 622 on the Instagram account and VIXX has 518 Thousand followers on the same Instagram account. Total fan count of 1.14 Million on the Facebook page and VIXX has 22.2 thousand followers talking about them on the same Facebook page. VIXX has over 17 Thousand words in the Wikipedia page. We use this number to calculate VIXX’s Wikipedia net worth. The last one is that based on the latest stat on Google, VIXX has over 19.1 Million results in the Google index. We use this number to calculate VIXX’s Google net worth.

Who is Lee Hongbin’s Girlfriend?


Hongbin currently is not in a romantic relationship with anyone, as well as his fellow VIXX members. But on some occasions Hongbin spoke of his interest towards it. He said, “When I’m busy with promotions, I really want to see my friends. Then I see that they are all happily in relationships, which makes me want to be in a relationship as well. It’s really lovely to see them enjoying life with another person.”

On other occasion (“Hello Counselor“) he commented “I feel lonely when I wrap up my schedule and head off in the car and I see a couple using an umbrella together.  At those times, I want to spray water on them with my car.  I want to get in the way,” making everyone laugh. In the show he also confessed that all this time he only learn about relationships from books.