All About Young Actor Nam Da-reum: Profile, Movies, Drama List, TV Shows, etc


Know More About Nam Da-reum

Nam Da-reum is a young Korean actor. He was born on June 13th, 2002 in Suwon, South Korea. His handsome and charming face always attracts everyone, especially girls who watch his acting on dramas. He debuted in the drama Boys Over Flowers as young Yoon Ji-Hoo. This role made him had famous enough to be trusted to play other roles as a young version of the main character in other dramas. Many people assumed that Da-reum will be a very talented and popular actor as he grew older.

Nam Da-reum is an actor under the auspices of YNK Entertainment. His height is 163 cm tall and his weight is 48kg, of course, his height and weight will change as he is still growing up. Da-reum also has AB blood type. He lives with his mom. His mom also manages an Instagram account that contains photos and information about Da-reum. You can follow it by username @namdareum_mom on Instagram.

Nam Da-reum likes to play violin in his free time. He also likes to practice Taekwondo. He has very good communication and has a strong memory. Maybe these are the reasons why he could act so well. This year, Da-reum is 16 years old (17 years old in Korean Age). He changed a lot since his first appearance in Boys Over Flowers. Let’s check this video out!

Nam Da-reum’s Drama and Movies List

Although he is young in age, he already had been trusted to play roles in many Korean dramas. Since he debuted on drama Boys Over Flower and played a role as young Yoon Ji-Hoo, he was often offered to play in other dramas. Of course, he only played as the young version of the main character of the drama, but you can’t deny his acting skills.

Da-reum got a lot of attention because of his appearance in many popular dramas. He is getting more and more handsome and masculine as he grows older. He often appears in popular dramas as the young version of the main character. Just like in the drama Pinocchio he played the role as young Choi Dal-Po. Until now, Nam Da-reum already played the role as young Lee Jong-Suk thrice.

First, Nam Da-reum played the role as a young version of Lee Jong-Suk in the drama Pinocchio. Second, Da-reum also played the role as the young version of Lee Jong-Suk in a movie about sports, No Breathing. Then, he had been trusted again as a young version of Lee Jong-Suk in the drama While You Were Sleeping. It’s like Da-reum is destined to be the young version of Lee Jong-Suk. Maybe he could follow Lee Jong-Suk to be a great and popular actor in the future. Do you agree?

The photo above is Da-reum in the movie No Breathing where he played a young Woo-Sang.

Above is Da-reum in the drama While You Were Sleeping where he played a young Jung Jae-Chan.

Besides being a young version of Lee Jong-Suk, Nam Da-reum also played as the young  Yoon Doo-Joon where he appeared as the main character, Ji Soo-Ho. Radio Romance is a romantic drama that tells about Song Geu Rim who is a radio program writer that isn’t exactly talented in writing. Due to her lack of writing skills, she still remains as an assistant writer.

Radio was the only thing in the world that she could share with her blind mother when she was young. She became a writer because she was consoled by the sounds of the radio and loved it more than anything. When her radio program is on the verge of cancellation, she succeeds in casting top actor Ji Soo-Ho, who can’t do anything without a script.