Everything You Need to Know About “Blow Breeze” Main Actress Lim Ji-yeon


Who Is Lim Ji-yeon?

Lim Ji-yeon is a South Korean actress who has worked in several short films, series, and plays. She is best known for her performance in the film Obsessed. She was born on June 23, 1990, in South Korea. She is an alumnus of the Korea National University of Arts where she graduated with a major in performing arts.


Lim Ji-yeon’s Profile

Name: Lim Ji-Yeon

Hangul: 임지연

Birthdate: June 23, 1990

Birthplace: South Korea

Height: 166 cm


Lim Ji-yeon’s Filmography


Luck-Key | Lukki (2016) – Eun-Joo

The Treacherous | Ganshin (2015) – Dan-Hee

Obsessed | Inganjoongdok (2014) – Jong Ga-Heun

Drama Series

Mojito (TBA / 2017) – So Joong-Hee

Blow Breeze | Booleora Mipoonga (MBC / 2016) – Kim Mi-Poong

Doctors (SBS / 2016) – Lee Soo-Jung (ep.7-8))

The Royal Gambler | Daebak (SBS / 2016) – Dam-Seo

High Society | Sangryusawhe (SBS / 2015) – Lee Ji-Yi


Excellent Actress (drama) (Blow Breeze) – 2016 MBC Drama Awards – December 30, 2016

New Star Award (High Society) – 2015 SBS Drama Awards – December 31, 2015

Best New Actress (High Society) – 2015 (4th) APAN Star Awards – November 28, 2015

Best New Actress (High Society) – 2015 (8th) Korea Drama Awards – October 9, 2015

Best New Actress (Obsessed) – 2014 (51st) Daejong Film Awards – November 21, 2014

Best New Actress (Obsessed) – 2014 (34th) Korean Association of Film Critics Awards – November 13, 2014


Lim Ji-yeon’s Career

Lim Ji-yeon’s acting began with short films and series. She debuted in 2010 and appeared in several short films and series, but she did not get much attention. At that time, she also performed in theaters, and some of her theater works were Taxi Driver, Sea Fog, and La Culotte. She also appeared in the music video for the song “The Season” by Lee Ho-suk.

Lim Ji-yeon got her first lead role in the erotic thriller film Obsessed which was released in 2014. The film became a big success, and she received positive reviews from audiences. She also appeared in some films and dramas afterward and on reality shows such as Law of the Jungle and Running Man.


Lim Ji-yeon on Running Man

Lim Ji-yeon appeared three times on Running Man: episode 281, 318, and 320. The first time she appeared on Running Man, she did not participate much in the games because she was a game presenter that day. The theme of the game that day was The House, and Running Man members had to acquire as much “property” in The House as possible when playing some games. The winner that day was Gary, and he gave the prize to Lim Ji-yeon.


On episode 318, Lim Ji-yeon did not appear as a guest but as a cameo. So, in one mission, Ji Suk-jin, one of the Running Man cast, was given a mission to find the owner of the nose silhouette. He had to do that mission as a part of making a three-minute video that would be uploaded to the site. The most popular member whose video was most popular within twenty-four hours would get an advantage in the next race. Then, Ji Suk-jin met Lim Ji-yeon when trying to fit the nose silhouette with Lim Ji-yeon.

On episode 320, Lim Ji-yeon finally appeared as a guest and teamed up with Song Ji-hyo, Ji Suk-jin, and Jo Yoon-hee. They played some games with the theme of Hangul Day: Acquire the Consonant. In the end, Lim Ji-yeon’s team did not win the game.