Everything You Need to Know About Lee Je-hoon: Profile, Wife, Plastic Surgery, Movies, ETC

Lee Je-hoon’s Before and After Debut


These days, plastic surgery is rarely seen as taboo in South Korea. Figures from the latest plastic surgery statistics show that the proportion of Koreans who have gotten plastic surgery work has risen to 13.5 out of every 1,000 people. It’s never really a huge secret that many celebrities have experience with plastic surgery. Celebrities with prominent noses have been the target of doubt, despite many stating that they did not get nose jobs. Including Lee Je-hoon. He stated, “This is not a nose that’s been touched!”


And every time someone has a doubt and mentioned about it, he confidently said people could do a comparison. He explained that he has the same nose as his father.


Here are the past photos before his debut that you can compare to his recent photo. Here is Lee Je-hoon’s elementary school year photo. He had a very short hair in elementary school.


And here are Lee Je-hoon’s middle-school and high-school graduation photos.


Here is when Lee Je-hoon was in his early 20s.


And here is Lee Je-hoon’s recent photo.


So what do you think? Did he really get plastic surgery on his nose or not?

Lee Je-hoon’s Movies

Titles Years Played as
Hunting Time / Time of the Hunt (사냥의 시간) 2018 (ongoing) Park Joon Suk
Earth: One Amazing Day (지구: 놀라운 하루) 2018 BBC Documentary Narrator
I Can Speak (아이 캔 스피크) 2017 Park Min Jae
Anarchist from Colony / Park Yeol (박열) 2017 Park Yeol
Phantom Detective / Detective Hong Gil Dong: Disappeared Village (탐정 홍길동: 사라진 마을) 2016 Hong Gil Dong
My Paparotti (파파로티) 2013 High school student with talent, Lee Jang Ho
An Ethics Lesson / Ethics of Anger (분노의 윤리학) 2013 Policeman, Kim Jung Hoon
Rise of the Guardians (가디언즈) 2012 Jack Forst (Korean Dubber)
Ghost Sweepers / Fortune Tellers (점쟁이들) 2012 Park Suk Hyun
Architecture 101 / Introduction of Architecture (건축학개론) 2012 Young Lee Seung Min
The Front Line (고지전) 2011 Shin Il Young
Bleak Night (파수꾼) 2011 Kwon Gi Tae
Miss Communcation (미쓰 커뮤니케이션) 2011 A man
Finding Mr. Destiny (김종욱 찾기) 2010 Woo Hyung
The Influence (인플루언스) 2010 King Soon Jong
The Servant (방자전) 2010 Hanbok-jaengi (Figurant)
A Dog Came Into My Flash (나의 플래시 속으로 들어온 개) 2010 A young man
Maldives Express (몰디브 환상특급) 2010 Jo Eun Suk
Be With Me / Ghost (귀) 2010 Kim Se Young (Segment “Tarot 3. The Unseen (부르는 손)”)
Just Friends? (친구사이?) 2009 Seok Yi
The Pit and the Pendulum (약탈자들) 2009 Young teen Sang Tae
When Winter Comes (겨울이 온다) 2009 Lee Je Hoon
The Language of Life (언어생활) 2009 Gyeong Min
Holy Vacation (숭고한 방학) 2008 Kang Yeong Woon
Ah Man (아, 맨) 2008 Hero
One Smoky Day (담배 피우기 좋은 날) 2008 Kang Eun Ho
They Live by Light (밤은 그들만의 시간) 2007 Shin Lee Yeong
Can I Love You Like the Movies? (영화처럼 사랑해도 되나요?) 2007 Je Hoon
Peaceful Land (평화의 땅) 2007 N/K
Kiss Kiss Kiss 2007 Seon Wook
Placebo 2007 N/K
Truth, Litmus (진실, 리트머스) 2006 Sin Woo