Everything You Need to Know About Lee Je-hoon: Profile, Wife, Plastic Surgery, Movies, ETC

Lee Je-hoon’s Love Life and Ideal Type


When Lee Je-hoon was 20 years old and a freshman in college, he liked a girl and the girl liked coffee milk. He wanted to capture the girl’s heart so he decided to confess. He bought 100 packets of coffee milk and gave it to her to confess his love.


When he appeared in the “Guerilla Date” segment in Hongdae on KBS’s Entertainment Weekly on April 29, 2016, Lee Je-hoon admitted to not having had a girlfriend in the past six years.

On April 28, 2016, during an interview with Sports Donga, Lee Je-hoon said, “I started my career when I was older than others. Every piece of work I was given was so special to me that I dedicated all my time to working. I also had to go to the military, so I thought to myself, ‘Let’s not make any regrets while acting.’ I really wanted to meet the public again after being released from the military through a great film or drama. Because I had worked non-stop, I never even realized it had been that long since my last relationship. Though I was eager to meet someone, I’ve realized it’s not easy to create a connection like that.”


He added, “Though at first it was me avoiding relationships, now I just can’t, even though I want one.”


He even expressed his desire to start dating, “I really want to date. I always tell my friends, ‘Introduce me to someone good around you,’ but they always refuse and say, ‘That’s a bit difficult.’ It’s probably because I’m already known to the public, and the other person may feel pressured. I feel like it’s getting harder to get to know other women in a romantic way.”


When asked what kind of girl he finds attractive, he said he doesn’t really have an ideal type. He revealed his ideal type as “a well relate-able person, who can be a good influence”.


He likes a girl who likes watching movies and he wants to be able to share his music preferences with her. He would like a person who he can communicate with well and be comfortable with as if they were like good friends and he said he would just like to be be able to talk a lot about many things with her such as personal interests. “I think that ‘love at first sight and chasing after the person to win her heart’ period is gone now. Appearance is temporary for me. I am dreaming of a love where we can slowly get to know each other and develop a relationship together,” he said.


On CeCi Magazine August 2016’s Interview, he said, “My heart goes to someone who is curious on how the world goes on and has positive take on the future and her dreams. We can never predict things as we go on living in this world, but I think that kind of person will be a great source of strength to me.”


On L’Officiel HOMMES December 2016’s Interview, when asked about his dating style, he answered, “It’s been a long time since the last time I did so… just like how I am normally, I tend to be quite serious even while dating someone. I should make my partner laugh actually.”


He revealed, “I always dream of living with a family in a small little house with a garden. I want to have a partner to live with in this house for a lifetime.”


Through a live V APP broadcast to promote his drama Tomorrow With You, he wondered where he’ll be 10 years later. He said, “I would probably be married and maybe have two children? A son and a daughter. Plus, I think I would still be working hard as an actor.” When the fans jokingly started protesting against his marriage, he responded and laughed, “If I am still single after 10 years, I am all yours. You’d have to be responsible for me.”


On May 09, 2016, during the broadcast of JTBC’s Please Take Care of My Refrigerator Episode 78, Lee Je-hoon’s refrigerator was full of his mother’s home cooking and her mother even holds a certificate in traditional Korean cuisine. Lee Je-hoon replied about his future wife, “If she just joined our family, my mother will probably teach her everything she needs to know.” You can watch the clip video below.

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