About Lee Dong-wook: Profile, Family, Dramas, Movies, TV Shows, and Plastic Surgery

Did Lee Dong-wook have Plastic Surgery?


Lee Dong-wook was once rumored to have plastic surgery. Netizens have found many differences on Lee Dong-wook’s face since his debut until now and assume that Lee Dong-wook has plastic surgery on his face, especially on his eyes and nose, let’s see the difference!

Lee Dong-wook Eyelid Surgery


Previously he had a single eyelid but a few years later after he became an actor, Lee Dong-wook had a double eyelid to make his eyes look bigger. The double eyelids make him look less Korean and more than a Filipino or Spanish looking man.

What do you think?

Lee Dong-wook Nose Surgery


A nose job is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, and not just in South Korea. Before, Lee Dong-wook had a good-looking nose. But now, his nose became a little bit thinner and sharper than before. This change greatly improved his looks, even if it’s just a small difference.

Lee Dong-wook Showing his ABS


Besides having a handsome face, Lee Dong-wook also has a very perfect body shape including his ABS. He makes every woman melt to see the clearly formed ABS. At a photoshoot, Lee Dong-wook confidently showed off his muscular body.


Even the sixth episode of King Hotel gets a high rating because Lee Dong-wook exposes his body parts. This episode received a high rating due to Lee Dong-wook who showcased his ABS.

What do you think? He looks so perfect right?

Lee Dong-wook Top 4 Movie List

1. Arang (2006)


Arang is the first film starring Lee Dong-wook as the main character. In making this film, a budget of US $3M was spent. The film was released on June 28, 2006 with a duration of 96 minutes.

This film tells about So-Young’s detective (Song Yoon-A) who is reinstated after a suspension. She is then thrown into a mysterious case with rookie cop Hyun-Ki (Lee Dong-wook). The victim was murdered. The only clue the detectives have to work on is email sent to the victim prior to his death.

2. The Perfect Couple (2007)


The Perfect Couple is a Korean movie released on January 25, 2007 with a duration of 109 minutes in the Romance-Comedy genre. Making this film spent budget of about US $ 2.9M.

This film tells about detective Kang Jae Hyuk (Lee Dong-wook) finds out how problematic journalist Choi Soo Jin (Hyun Young) can be about after getting skewered by her while chasing after a criminal. Things become more complicated when Kang becomes the police’s media rep, as Choi is transferred to crime reporting.

3. Heartbreak Library (2008)


Heartbreak Library is a Korean movie released on October 23, 2008 with a duration of 99 minutes in the Romance genre. The drama stars Lee Dong-wook as the main character with Eugene.

The film tells of runaround Eun-Soo (Eugene) who notices a man named Jun-Oh (Lee Dong-wook) tearing out a page from several books and accuses him of vandalism. Soon, she discovers that there is a complex story behind his actions.

4. The Recipe (2010)


The Recipe is a Korean mystery movie released on October 21, 2010 with a duration of 107 minutes. In addition to starring Lee Dong-wook as the main character, the film also stars Ryoo Seung-Ryong and Lee Yo-Won.

This film tells about, a television producer Choi Yu-Jin (Ryoo Seung-Ryong) who hears the story of an inmate and researches him for an upcoming news report. Choi Yu-Jin then comes across a mysterious woman named Jang Hye-Jin (Lee Yo-Won) who makes do jang jjigae that brings tears of joy to those who tastes her recipe. As Choi Yu-Jin delves further, he learns of Jang Hye-Jin’s heart breaking relationship with Kim Hyun-Soo (Lee Dong-wook).