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Lee Dong-wook Relationship with Bae Suzy

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Surprising news came in 2018 when Lee Dong-wook was rumored to be dating Bae Suzy, who previously dated Lee Min-Ho. Lee Dong-wook and Suzy are celebrity couples who have a 13 year age difference. Lee Dong-wook is now 36 years old, while Suzy is only 23 years old.

Even a number of eyewitnesses have seen the acting couple dating several times in Cheongdam-dong area. The report said Lee Dong-wook and Bae Suzy were with one other ans suspected manager of one of the Korean stars. Neither Lee Dong-wook nor Bae Suzy seems alarmed, but Lee Dong-wook still treats Suzy with affection and Suzy still smiles at her.

Reportedly their love story began from a private meeting and started from a senior-junior relationship. Once they got to know each other they have a match with each other. So the relationship continues on till this day. From various sources collected, Lee Dong Wook fell in love because of Bae Suzy’s great personality.

dongwook suzy

Bae Suzy is considered to have a down to earth character so Lee Dong Wook feels amazed about her. Bae Suzy is one of the most popular actresses and singers in the Korean entertainment industry. However, Bae Suzy was rated by Lee Dong Wook as a woman with a humble and jovial personality.

The source also revealed that Suzy was the first to show her interest in Lee Dong Wook. In fact, Suzy had once called Lee Dong Wook as her dream man when the guest starred in the event Strong Heart in 2012 before.

dongwook suzy

Unfortunately, after 4 months of dating they officially broke up because they were both busy with their shooting schedule. This news was confirmed by JYP Entertainment as true. The agency revealed that both of them broke up due to their hectic schedules.

The agency explained that for the celebrity couple it was getting more and more difficult to meet because of the business for each other them. It was both of them that decided to split up so the feelings were mutual.

“It’s true that Suzy has broken up with Lee Dong Wook because they have busy schedules, making it difficult to meet, and in the end they break up,” explains JYP Entertainment. Lee Dong Wook’s agency revealed the same thing, “It’s true that Lee Don Wook and Suzy have broken up, they became separated because of a lack of free time together.”

dongwook suzy

A source through OSEN revealed that Suzy and Lee Dong Wook’s relationship remained good even though they are no longer dating, “After breaking up, they both remain mutually supportive from afar as fellow actors.”

Well, good luck for Dong-wook and Suzy!

Lee Dong-wook and Song Ji-hyo Relationship

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Lee Dong-wook does have a very close relationship as friends. In fact, Lee Dong-wook names Song Ji-hyo as a friend who is a girl but not a girlfriend. He said, “Jung Ryeo Won and Song Ji Hyo are friends. Before, I was at the hair salon when I suddenly got a call from Song Ji Hyo asking me if I could go to ‘Running Man’ right now. She had to call somebody she knew over, but she said, ‘Can not you go for the press conference?’ so I just hung up on her”

In fact, during the filming of Running Man, Song Ji-hyo asked Lee Dong-wook for help with entering his house. Ji-hyo and Lee Kwang-Soo paired up to complete a mission. To complete the mission, both needed help from the nearest person. Song Ji-hyo did not hesitate to ask his sister Chun Sung-Mo to bring a table that was often used to practice reading the script.

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Chun Sung-Mo then comes while covering his face with a mask. He also dismantled that in fact the table is more often used by his brother when drinking beer. When asked what the rewards were, Song Ji-hyo’s sister asked to kick her brother.

Furthermore, Song Ji-hyo called Lee Dong-wook to ask for help. Because it was unclear asking for what, the actor was confused, but then they explained their mission.

dongwook jihyo

“But I’m shooting now, so how can I help you?” said Lee Dong Wook.

Of course not Song Ji-hyo and Lee Kwang-Soo were not forceful. Ji-hyo, “Just tell me. I’ll go to your house and get it myself.” At the end of the conversation Lee Kwang-Soo suddenly praised Lee Dong-wook’s drama. This made the actor joke and accuse them that they no longer care because they have got what they want.

Lee Dong-wook’s Family


In an interview, Lee Dong-wook talks about his hard-working sister in the world of Entertainment. Lee Dong-wook’s younger sister appears on the latest episode of Roommate.

She said Lee Dong Wook often supported the family financially after he debuted as an actor in high school. “For me and my mother, seeing my brother on ‘Roommate’ is a bit emotional I’m jealous of him growing up, so I favored him over me,” she said. “One day, she called me over and said, ‘He can not have that privilege’.”


“I did not understand it then, but I thought about it later and I found out that it was true – he had always been shooting or at home when he came home, he would have a beer and read a comic book,” she said. “I realized that ‘Roommate’ was what he wanted to do – have some friends and hang out. I did that in my 20’s; that’s why I always cry when I watch the show.”