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Get Closer with the Handsome Grim Reaper, Lee Dong-wook

Who does not know the figure of Lee Dong-wook? He is known as the Angel of Death since he participated in the Korean drama entitled, Goblin. His handsome and talented figure makes everyone want to be a fan of Korean dramas to get to know Lee Dong-wook. In addition to being an actor, Lee Dong-wook also has the talent of being a model.

He has a dynamic personality. He has clear white skin. Lee Dong-wook made his acting debut in 1999, and later appeared on several TV series before earning fame through romantic comedy in 2005, My Girl. The series became popular during its broadcasts both domestically and in Asia, making Dong-wook the star of a Korean Wave.

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Full Profile and Fun Facts about Korean Actor, Lee Dong-wook


Name : Lee Dong Wook

Date of Birth : November 06, 1981

Age : 37 years old

Profession : Model and Actor

Height : 184 cm

Weight : 72 kg

Blood Type : B

Zodiac : Scorpio

Education : Saejung University

Agency : Starship Entertainment

5 Fun Facts about Lee Dong-wook :

  1. Cold Grim Reaper vs Warm Grim Reaper? Of course, warm! “I think he is so charming because he has such a warm heart.”
  2. Lee Dong-wook was interviewed by fashion magazine High Cut. He has received many offers to play fantasy roles after hit tvN drama, Goblin. He declined them all as he doesn’t want to be pigeonholed into just one type of character. This is similar to his experiences in portraying a rich man in previous dramas.
  3. Aside from his stellar acting, his looks fit the role with his dark hair and pale skin tone. And those red lips? All natural! In the interview he claims, “…my lips were red from the day I was born.”
  4. Like a normal human being, on his break he likes to play games on his cellphone, sleep, and eat snacks. As for hobbies, he first jokingly replied, “My real hobby is doing absolutely nothing.” Which is not entirely true, as he adds: “Watching movies and listening to music alone…that’s it.”
  5. His favorite line in particular is one many people love: “Drink. It will make you forget about this life.”