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Lee Chung-ah Shows Her Girly Charms for Clizy’s F/W Collection

Besides of her talent in acting, Lee Chung-ah also got used to work as a model. The multi-talented actress displayed her charms through the young casual women’s clothing brand Clizy. This time, Lee Chung-ah had the ‘mission’ to display a variety looks from girly to cool.

The representative from Clizy said that Lee Chung-ah portrayed the image of the brand pursuing this season really well and the public will be able to see an upgraded trendy and fashionable styles through the collection. Lee Chung-ah will provide the 2015 F/W season the best of fall and winter styling tips.


Lee Chung-ah looks fashionable in fall season style wearing trench coats to plaid coats paired with graphic sweatshirts and culottes, giving the vibe of her charisma as an actress and a casual yet trendy fall feel from her looks.

In the different looks, Lee Chung-ah changed her style and modeled tomboyish fashion wearing a pink jacket and an A-line dress then changing into another different look. She played up her cute looks and style as a doll-like image in a red plaid coat.

Lee Chung-ah Mixes Fashion & Friendship in Photoshoot With The Celebrity

Lee Chung-ah had a chance to show off her well proportioned body and athletic figure in the pictorial for the lifestyle magazine The Celebrity on February 2016. The actress who had just ended the filming of drama Riders: Catch Tomorrow is amazed with the staff of the photo shoot session. Her aura has produced a variety conceptual looks beyond the expectation of the photo shoot staffs’ expectations. She was prepared and was praised for the work she had done as a model for the magazine with how she creatively changed to different poses and create the mood according the music played in the background in the studio. The photo shoot’s staff were calling her a true actress  by seeing how well the actress was able to switch on to a different personas with every session she had to go through during the photo shoot.


At this current time, Lee Chung-ah didn’t take the photo session only by herself but there was another celebrity who became her partner. The other actress is one of her good friends, the fashion designer from South Korea, Hong Hye-jin of the Studio K. She took the chance from being a part of the model of this photo shoot by providing some stylish tips.


Lee Chung-ah Adding Ka’bah Emoticon On Her Instagram

Lee Chung-ah’s name become a hot topic with netizens on November 2016 since the public figured out the Ka’bah emoticon was added on her Instagram’s profile. The problem with this is that Ka’bah is a building at the center of Islam’s most important mosque and it is the most sacred site in Islam. It went viral and around the public.  People assumed that Lee Chung-ah had already become a Muslim after the hinting of the Ka’bah emoticon on her Instagram. Another rumor was spread along with this news that the actress changed her Instagram bio with, “I’d with rather be hated for who I am than be loved for who I’m not.”


It took many responses from the public assuming that Lee Chung-ah has a secret message that the public didn’t know yet. Not only Lee Chung-ah, there was also another rumor spreading back then that a South Korean celebrity was rumored become a Muslim such as Han Ga-in and Jung Il-woo. Until now, there is no official statement from Lee Chung-ah herself nor the agency about the rumor of the actress becoming a Muslim and an official statement about the Kab’bah emoticon added on her Instagram’s profile.

Well, here was a lot of information about Lee Chung-ah’s profile, the lead actress from popular drama Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. Lee Chung-ah is a truly multi-talented actress and she is a hard-worker celebrity who had a crush and fell in love with her co-worker. Working as an actress in the entertainment industry is not only her passion, but she is also a brave girl to take another step to act in theater which is the same field that was her father’s occupation. Lee Chung-ah is also keeping her personal life balanced with her passion for work by maintaining her relationship with her boyfriend for 5 years, it’s a long time for celebrities dating, right? Let’s hope for all the best both in Lee Chung-ah’s personal life to get married soon and her passion for working as a great actress in the future!