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Fortunately, the two years of enlistment did not happened to Lee Ki-woo and the farewell was only for the filming of a reality show called Real Men. The reality show is about a military program which invited many celebrities both male and female to join the military base and experience becoming a soldier. The Lee couple was saying goodbye to each other only for the filming of Real Men which includes saying a farewell and goodbye to loved ones.

Lee Ki-woo won’t saying goodbye to Lee Chung-ah in real life since the actor himself already completed his military service by joining the enlistment back in November 2009. Back then when he was joined the military service, the actor didn’t knew Lee Chung-ah yet and after 22 months of active duty, he was discharged on September 2011.  Soon after he was being cast to play the role of Lee Chung-ah’s love interest in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

Lee Chung-ah’s boyfriend, Lee Ki-woo always tries his best to make his girlfriend happy whenever he can. Both of them have the same job as an actress and actor. They are also known to have a good relationship and chemistry with each other and both of them are a hard-working couple; so sometimes they tend to have a hard time meeting each other since they are busy with their own schedules and activities. On November 2016, Lee Ki-woo appeared as a guest star on Olive TV’s Strange Recipe Drama The Chef Born in the Year of the Cat where he talked about the time he traveled to Vietnam. The distance made the relationship between him and his girlfriend difficult to connect with each other. Lee Ki-woo is also always trying to make Lee Chung-ah jealous whenever he is away from her, but it doesn’t work out well because Lee Chung-ah always makes herself busy doing her business. But it doesn’t stop their affection for each other. Lee Ki-woo said that at the hotel in Vietnam, he was able to keep in touch often through the SNS and his girlfriend; Lee Chung-ah knows that filming overseas is more difficult than filming in Korea so she encouraged her boyfriend to do his best.


On July 2018, the latest news about the Lee couple is of them denying the news about the their “breakup”. It has been 5 years of them official dating in the public eye and after dying the rumor about their breakup, for good measure both of their agencies also spoke up about this rumor. Both of Lee Chung-ah and Lee Ki-woo’s agencies stated that they’re still having a great relationship with each other till this day and the public already is aware about their dating life. Since there were many rumors of their break up, the agency has made a public official statement that the Lee couple is still together and mentioned that the rumor was spread only because the pair doesn’t show themselves out together in public or social media like many other couples do.


Real Couple Lee Chung-ah and Lee Ki-woo Looking Beautiful for ELLE


The Lee couple, Lee Chung-ah and Lee Ki-woo, have been chosen as Seoul’s official couple and had the opportunity to become a model of ELLE magazine. Seoul’s main tourist places such as Cheonggyecheon Stream, Namsan Tower, and Garosu-Gil Shopping Street became decorated with the beautiful sets of them photographed together from the magazine.


Lee Ki-woo and Lee Chung-ah was reportedly awkward when they were asked to pose in front of the camera but sooner later, they were both enjoying the photoshoot and it just became natural for them to look into each other’s eyes lovingly. Also in the romantic vibes just rolled off of them, naturally, since they are a couple.


Lee Chung-ah’s boyfriend, Lee Ki-woo, said after the photoshoot was taken that Lee Chung-ah has a great ability to show her emotions through her eyes and he admitted that he always loses himself and can’t refuse anything when she looks at him in the eyes.


Lee Chung-ah’s Latest News & Career

From An Actress Hoping To Start A New Chapter In Her Career As A Thespian


As reported by Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, on February 2017 had interviewed the actress Lee Chung-ah who was reported to make her very first performance for theater on stage in Secret of Flowers (꽃의 비밀) directed by Jang-jin. Lee Chung-ah said that she loves being on stage and interacting with the audience members and she’s hoped the play would mark a new chapter of her acting career. There were more than ten performances that were scheduled and she even had to go touring outside of Seoul for the last few shows.

Lee Chung-ah explained that she got introduced to the theater through Bae Jong-ok, the veteran actress who also played in the same theater as her. She had only one day to think about the offer before she planned a trip to Italy and she always thought that she wasn’t ready to be in the theater. After the actress read the first 15 pages of the script, she fell in love with it, so she accepted the offer to join the theater and read the rest of the script on her way to Italy. Lee Chung-ah thought it was her destiny since the play is also set in Italy.


Lee Chung-ah hesitated to get into theater at first because of her father, Lee Seung-cheol who is a theater actor. Her dad hasn’t performed on TV or films, but is a theater actor, so she was worried that her performance would not measure up to his standards or his reputation. She also knows that the theater world is filled with people who worked with her father, so she didn’t want to diminish her dad’s reputation by working in the same field as him. However, she thinks that her dad knows better than anyone else that she wanted to be a really good actress for a long time, so he would understand her decision. Lee Chung-ah’s father also came to see her perform in the theater on the second day after she asked him to come on opening day. Her father was sitting next to Lee Chung ah’s friend and her friend told her that her father had been watching her without a smile during Act One, but then he was more relaxed and enjoying the show from Act Two on. Lee Chung-ah got more confident after her father came to see her performance and told him to come again. However, he said he would come unexpectedly and she got nervous because of that.


Explaining the character she played, Lee Chung-ah said she became Monica for the theater’s role. There were two Monica, a female and a male. She said that the female version was really different from the real her and she was more so enjoyed playing the  male version since she actually has weak vocal cords. Despite of the two different characters she had to play, Lee Chung-ah had to practice a lot and the good thing is she improved and the director told her that her voice was already loud enough and she was so relieved by the praises.


Lee Chung-ah also opened up what is it like to work with Bae Jong-ok since it was the third experience for her to work with the veteran actress. She always encouraged her to joined the theater. Bae Jong-ok was a huge influence for Lee Chung-ah so much so that she really wanted to be like her and rely on her. Working with Jang-jin, she learned so much that she even thinks that she should pay for the lessons because he made her feel so engaged in theater as a genre of art. It was an amazing experience for Lee Chung-ah because Jang-jin can read women’s emotions so well and perhaps it’s because she is a writer and also an actor.


Lee Ki-woo, as her boyfriend also responded to her performance in theater and told her that it was one of the funniest performances he’s ever seen. Lee Chung-ah always told him before she went to practice for the play and Lee Ki-woo said he feels motivated seeing the actual play.

Lee Chung-ah also said before the interview was almost over that things changed after her mother passed away. The actress, Lee Chung-ah needed time to reboot after letting go of a character she played for one or two pieces a year in the past, but then things turned out to be better after she went from one character to another. She felt like she’s getting to reach new energy as each of the new characters come along. Lee Chung-ah also hoped to explore more diverse sides of herself through different character and different genre for the future along with the journey of her career and she also want to use the skills she learned from the theater in her upcoming drama series or movies.